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The Fuji X-E1 Is The One

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Sometimes it is good to read someone who confirms what you already were thinking.

I am talking about the [shoplink 678]Fuji X-E1 (price & specs)[/shoplink]. Got an email by Fuji Rumors reader Rey Spadoni. He pointed me to a review he wrote about the X-E1. And he writes:

The newest X-mount body from Fujiflm is a dream come true.  It solves just about every problem I encountered on the X-Pro 1 and then, for kicks, goes even further up the tickle-my-fancy meter.  This is the camera I had been waiting for.  This is The One.

And the auto-focus…?

Much, much improved.  That’s a function of some software updates along with a built in motor within the exceptional, and I mean exceptional, kit lens.  It’s faster and sharper than any other kit lens I’ve used […]

Yes, the lens is a so-called “kit lens”, but it is fast and sharp, and you can control aperture on the lens. Ok, let’s see what Rey thinks about the image quality:

The image quality is indistinguishable to me from the X-Pro 1 and that’s a very good thing.  It seems to be the latest fad for manufacturers to remove the anti-aliasing filter  and Fujifilm’s sensor array seems to prevent moire and other concerning artifacts completely.  I saw no such problems.

Jump over to Rey’s review (click here) to see sample pics and get all of his thoughts about the X-E1.

Fuji X-E1 price check: [shopcountry 678]

Image courtesy: Rey Spadoni