First image samples with the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95


DC.watch (google translation here) posted a short test and some image samples taken with the Mitakon 35mm f/0.95 lens. The lens can be bought on eBay (Click here).


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  • http://www.nordstromproduktion.se Mr Hipsta

    Seems very soft, hardly useful…

    • MJr

      Depends on the ‘use’ doesn’t it. I know it’s hard to believe for some people, but ‘sharpness’ isn’t always the primary goal, or even at all. Considering it’s F0.95 on a large APSC sensor, these are not bad results really.

      There’s a lot of glowing, but detail is there. Just look at the wood in 14.jpg for example, though the DoF is so short it even ends before that brass looking pole. So that thing’s actually out of focus.

      Also, images like 16 and 17.jpg, there’s just no point shooting that at F0.95. Unless you’re shooting at night and want to keep the iso down, that is one awesome ability.

      In any case. It does in fact have the DoF and light gathering of F0.95 — on APSC. You can’t fake that, it won’t be the same. Even if you put down 10+K for a Leica Noctilux, F0.95 is going to be a look that you’ll either love of hate.

  • Imgurian

    Nice crumpler strap. Where can I get one?

  • Opps!

    Would be nice if XE1 can use digital split function on manual lens…, hopefully the x-pro-2 / XE2 can manage this like the 100s…

  • Max

    Crumpler strap looks like it’s a new one called THE BOOM: http://www.crumpler.jp/products/3861.html
    Only on the .JP website for now.

  • Max

    I meant called THE ANCHOR
    The BOOM is this one: http://www.crumpler.jp/products/camera_bags/camera_straps/3878.html

  • Source

    What case is that?