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Zack Arias: “I’m tellin’ you though. From my heart. The X100S is my desert island camera.”


 photo istanbul_01_zps50811170.jpg

 image courtesy: zackarias

Zack’s full review is now online. Read it here at He says that it’s the “strangest gear review I have ever written.” I found his strange and creative review very pleasant to read. There are also some beautiful shots. Great job Zack! Here an extract:

“What is the soul of this camera? It’s the styling. That’s the first part of it. Then it’s the feel of it. Then it’s that damn amazing hybrid optical viewfinder. It’s attention to details. It’s listening to the community. It’s a perfect camera. […] I wouldn’t change anything. I don’t need more pixels. The AF is plenty fast for me. Peaking added to manual focus is a God send! It’s fantastic. Maybe I’d request to be able to change the color of the peaking. Currently it’s white. Maybe red / green / pink would be good options to have in the menu. But yeah, manual focus is legit now. I prefer the peaking to the digital split image.”

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