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XF 55-200: full size samples and impressions


 photo 8941649200_438242ec87_b_zps8c7a3cc1.jpg

image courtesy: sgoldswoblog

1) FR-reader Simon sent me his impressions of the new Fuji XF 55-200. Read it all and see his shots here. Among the others he says that:

“[…] it has a faster maximum aperture than similar lenses and looks lightyears ahead than similar mirrorless lenses (OK, I jest, but it is much better than the equivalent lens for Sony’s NEX system) in image quality. […] focus and aperture rings are firm and move nicely. […] The OIS on this lens is excellent […] The autofocus speed is, well, average, just like the rest of Fuji’s lenses. It can be quick but it can occasionally fail to focus even in bright light. This larger issue is in low light when it struggles to focus at all. But, let’s be honest, it’s still a relatively slow lens and my Nikon 70-300 can struggle for lock or accuracy in similar light. […] I am very happy with the sharpness from this lens. […] You can probably see it in some of these shots but the bokeh is excellent for this kind of lens. […] What I am seeing is a good bit of light fall off at the edges. This does seem to be automatically corrected in jpeg, but at least in Aperture, it isn’t automatically corrected […] This isn’t one for sports, or birds in flight, but for every other long lens purpose it is very good to excellent. Given its bokeh and and faster aperture, it makes an excellent back up portrait lens.

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2) FR-reader Roland posted a first impression blog post on the new XF 55-200mm with a few full size samples here.

“Nothing definitive to say yet other than the initial impression is quite good. Lens construction is very good and solid and up to the same standard as other XF lenses. It is the biggest XF lens so far, but still a reasonable size lens and small compared to typical DSLR telephoto zoom. […] I have not updated the camera firmware yet when I tried out the lens yesterday, but autofocus speed seemed to be quite satisfactory.”

3) And, as noted in the comments, Rico added a few SOOC JPEGs at Flickr here too.

have a great weekend

image courtesy: rolandrim

This shot was taken at 200mm ISO6400 f4.8 and 1/40sec. Resolution seemed very good at 200mm even at ISO 6400.”

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