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XF 50mmF2 Lenstip Review: “Excellent Lens, Applause to Fuji” :: Palle Schultz GFX eXperience: “It will Help You to Do the Best You Can Be”


Fujifilm GFX

– The Fujifilm GFX is like your old SLR + example shots at Palle Schultz Youtube: “When you see the files that come out of it, there is really nothing to complain about. There is only one thing you can complaint about while using the GFX, and that is the photographer, because the GFX will show if the photographer is not good, but the GFX will help you to do the best that you can be. […] the files are so big, that you don’t want to fill up your hard disk too fast. So I slowed down, and I asked my models to slow down, and take fewer pictures, but better. With the GFX you concentrate more, and take that one picture that you want“. Check out also the AWESOME images at the end of the video (music in the background played by Palle Schultz himself)

– Potraits on FUJI GFX 50S, 120mm F4 Macro and 63mm F2.8 by Baljit Singh Deo at baldeo. Another set of stunning images.

Both, Palle Schultz and Baljit Singh Deo are members of our 10,200+ members strong Fujifilm GFX facebook group, share their work with the GFX 50s there and are always open to discuss it with the members. I really love to see how this group is growing together and how much enthusiasm there is for the GFX… and for photography in general.

We also offer a GFX tailored news/rumors stream at our Fujifilm GFX facebook page. You won’t miss a single GFX tidbit by following it.

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Fujinon XF 50mm F2 WR

Lenstip just shared their Fujinon XF50mmF2 WR review, and it’s an extremely positive one.


  • handy but solid and weather-sealed casing,
  • brilliant image quality in the frame centre,
  • good image quality on the edge of the frame,
  • negligible spherical aberration,
  • low lateral chromatic aberration,
  • sensible coma correction,
  • negligible astigmatism,
  • sensible performance against bright light,
  • silent, sensibly quick and accurate autofocus on the X-T2 body.


  • some problems with the longitudinal chromatic aberration,
  • visible vignetting on RAW files.

Conclusion: “An excellent lens – those words would be enough. Still, to make our summary more eloquent we have to add that for a very decent price you get a lens sensationally sharp in the frame centre, small, lightweight, weather-sealed and produced in Japan. It didn’t avoid some flaws but they aren’t very important and don’t change our assessment in any way. A round of applause, Fuji!

Read the full Review at

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