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XF 23mm: “Damn, another winner” (Patrick La Roque) + “The Trend Continues” (Riley Joseph)


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Fujinon XF 23mm

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1) “The balance, the size, the weight, the focusing, the build… Everything about this lens feels exactly right to me. Soul mates, baby. […] how does this 35mm compare to the X100s 35mm? Is this worth purchasing if you already own that camera? Is this worth switching to? Truth is there are and always will be compromises to be made. On the one hand you gain on speed (f1.4 vs f2) and you also gain on sharpness: the 23mm is seriously sharp wide open while the X100s is always a tad softer at f2 (although like everything else, this can be used as an advantage) BUT… You lose what the X100s is all about: size, stealth, total silence, sync speed. […] Unless I’m crazy, I think you’ll immediately understand what I mean. There’s something about this combo that quite simply gels. As I said in the first paragraph: damn. Another winner.” Read more about the Fujinon XF 23mm f/1.4 at laroquephoto here.

2) Riley Joseph shared via FR-twitter his review of the XF 23mm. Read it here: “The quality of Fuji optics are amazing. Especially for the price. Sometimes when I zoom in Lightroom to check focus it is unreal the detail the lens captures even wide open. That is the one big difference with the lens compared to the 23mm on the X100(s).. that it is sharper wide open.”