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X-T1:”sh*t, the EVF is so damn good!” (EVF hater fotografeivindrohne)


In this video you can take a quick look at the EVF (sec. 12 to sec. 22). For a video where you can see the focus peaking colors click here. To see a video with the menu strucutre click here.

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One of the most exciting features of the X-T1 is the big, sharp, lag free EVF. It seems that the anonymous source who told us back on January 10th that “even EVF haters will have to admit that the EVF on the “new Fuji T camera” is “pretty damn nice” was right… just check out the feedback down below.

First impression

– Here are the first impressions Zhelko Dimic (from sent me via email:

“I used to have Canon 5D Mk III, and It does remind me of a mini 5D MKIII. Serious, solid,  professional tool. But,  there is something about viewfinder I’ve never heard mentioned. When using f1.4 or f1.2 lenses, because viewfinder was so nicely large and crisp, I was able to clearly see focal plane, and famous 3D ‘pop’ of in focus person that comes from shallow DOF. It was as if I was looking at my fullscreen Apple Macbook Retina display. There was no need to visualize how picture will look like when enlarged, it was there in its all glory. This was first time in my life I got this impression, no matter what kind of viewfinder I’ve used.

Since I’ve used about 50 cameras in my life so far, including full frames, I guess other electronic viewfinders have been too small for this effect (including Sony NEX 6), and optical ones are built to present DOF that f2.8 lens has, so they don’t represent f1.2 pop. It was delightful.”

– EVF hater fotografeivindrohne hands on review here:

“To make things clear, I hate electronic viewfinders! […] But I was caught completely off guard with the X-T1. I just kept repeating ”shit shit shit this is so damn good” inside of me! No lag. No stutter. A sharp image. Completely smooth and nice. Plus good colors. And it actually took me some time to realize it was an electronic image I was looking at in the viewfinder […] And talking about focusing. The autofocus was unusually fast and snappy. Not once in that awful fluorescent light did the autofocus miss. Spot on every time. Fast and precise.”

– FR-reader Oobist spotted this article (jccrafford)”Is this the world’s first Fujifilm X-T1 wedding photographs?” and shared it via facebook:

I can say one thing though, something I do like a LOT about the X-T1 is how light it is, for me as a wedding photographer that spend 10-12 hours at a wedding this is a very important consideration…no more back pains for me after a wedding!”

– f/otographer send me his first impressions via email:

“I got lucky and was able to check out the Fuji X-T1 at a local camera shop, Pardees Cameras, in Sacramento. The Fuji Rep had stopped by and I was able to take a few test shots.  me and the X-T1 / iso 1600 / iso 6400 / my stream /

My photos dont do the camera justice since I was unable to set it up to my shooting style and only had a brief time to play with it. But the iso 6400 shot is cleaner then anything I could ever expect from my NEX. Both photos are straight out of camera jpeg with no processing, but Im not sure of all the in camera setting such as noise reduction or sharpening. The focus peaking is very different then the Sony peaking on my NEX 7 which I am used to. The dual image focus screen option, showing both your composition and a smaller box for the split image off to the side, is amazing and must be experienced to be believed.

The build quality is wonderful and the camera feels very good in the hand, but smaller then I thought it would be. Its really not much bigger then my NEX.

Overall I think this camera is going to be a winner for Fuji. Its a nice upgrade for existing X camera owners and it should bring many new shooters to the Fuji camp. As a NEX owner that shoots mainly old manual glass this camera is on my immediate purchase radar.

I think the biggest difference here to me, as a current Sony shooter, is that Sony views cameras as just as another consumer electronic item. For instance, Sony sees no difference in a Sony Blu Ray player, a Sony alarm clock and my NEX 7.

Fuji on the other hand understand that while a camera is indeed a consumer electronic item it is also more then that. It is a tool that is used by an artist to create art. And an artist can be inspired by and have pride in his tool. The design of the X-T1 clearly shows that the whole “By photographers, for photographers” thing at Fuji is not just hype. There are some serious photographers at Fuji who are having major input on the design and function of these cameras. As a photographer and a consumer who buys electronic items this camera is just plain done right.

It simply puts the Nikon DF to shame.”

NOTE: Rico started a 10-24 sample set (full size SOOC, including X-T1 RAF’s converted with Iridient) on Flickr here… stay tuned for his first look soon.

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X-T1 body only ($1,299): USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EU: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /

X-T1 with 18-55 ($1,699): USA: AmazonUS / BHphoto / Adorama / Pictureline / EU: wexDE / wexUK / PCHstore /