X-E1 vs Nex-6: CameraStoreTV video comparison and quesabesde comparison


TheCameraStoreTV compared this two brand new cameras, the Fuji X-E1 and the Sony NEX-6.

The X-E1 is a really tough rival for the NEX-6. In fact the X-E1 has a better dynamic range, better low light performance, better sharpness and lenses. The EVF of the X-E1 lagging behind when you move it around, but once you focus the camera, the EVF works great. On the other hand the NEX-6 makes better videos, better and flippable screen, faster focus, cheaper…

Who’s the winner? Just look at the video, and tell me in the comments if you agree with the CameraStore verdict or who is the winner for you!

There is Spanish review on quesabesde making the same comparison, and coming to the same conclusions. Read it here (translated version)

Have a great day!

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  • Vladimir

    FUJIFILM X-FF would be better !!!

    • Lucas

      Not according to this review. On image quality terms the Fuji already beats the Sony, so a fullframe sensor won’t make the difference. In order to beat the Sony it needs faster AF, better video controls…

      • MJr

        Most NEX users just wouldn’t know what to do with aperture and shutter dials, or exposure compensation, and see no value in a classic chrome precision made top plate etc, etc. The X-E1 can certainly improve on a few points, but it will never appeal to the average NEX user, nor should it. It doesn’t need to ‘beat’ Sony, it already is. Whoever wants a Sony, will buy a Sony.

        Also, people, you can’t just put a full-frame sensor behind anything and make everything ‘better’. It changes the system completely which brings along more cons than pros.

        • Vlad

          Plenty of NEX users would know what to do with aperture and shutter dials. This comparison is a bit awkward, they should have compared with the NEX-7. It would’ve been way more interesting.

      • not n

        Ya and a Fuji medium format would be even better.. give me a break! You keep asking for ff yet keep posting here on Fuji rumors.. here’s a spoiler alert for you, don’t hold your breath it ain’t happening anytime soon.. I’m just surprised how close a performer this APS cam will be in terms of IQ to my D800.

        • Rich

          Don’t feed the troll!

  • Jake

    I’m in for the image quality and only shoot stills so the X-E1 wins for me. I think also the X series is aimed at the photographer that values the X design philosophy and image quality and user interface are important. So maybe the nex-6 wins as a general camera, and it may sell more due to price… But no competition for the x-e1 for me personally. Thanks Fuji!

  • Rich

    Yep, no regrets here. As a still photographer, the X-E1 fulfills (and exceeds) all of my requirements, plus it feels like photography, not just pressing a button on a clever box of electronics. Most modern cameras are great, but in most cases it’s too easy to just slip into P mode, something I am not tempted to do with the X-E1. This alone will improve my photography…

  • Vladimir

    FUJI X-FF as LEICA, but cheaper. This will kill SONY and LEICA.

  • Its a pitty as a Fuji User you still think you are missing FF just it has no FF even if IQ is on a Fullframe superclose result, right? Think just forget about that an shoot great images instead of thinking something couldmeven be better.

    I love my X-E1, autofocus with the 35mm prime can be too slow, yes. But the 18mm is much faster in this subject of AF. However, there are great lenses on the road.

    For me coming from a Olympus e510 and a Leica D-Lux 5, the Fuji Boosts my image results and this camera does whatI want, and the manual controls are the big timemachine back to analogstyle fotografy.

    Sony noise in the market cannot be ignored, the RX1 is fantastic but nomfun with mounting old glass.

    • smarties66

      Vladimir is a known troll… he only has FF in his vocabulary…

      • Vladimir

        You are known for their rudeness.

  • GaryB

    The X-E1 wins on usability (manual controls and menu), Jpeg image quality, ISO, sharpness and available lenses. I’m not bothered about video. It can’t be long before the raw issues are resolved with Adobe etc.
    However, if the Fuji had a tilting screen, better EVF, faster focusing and focus peaking (I love using old manual lenses with a tilting screen) it would be perfect, but you can’t have everything. Despite that for me the X-E1 is the winner.

    • sp

      Vladimir, take a break. It won’t happen and I will not miss it. Go get a Leica and leave us alone

  • Roberto

    I compared yesterday in a shop the X-E1 (with the 35mm F1.4) and the NEX-6 with the kit zoom. The Sony and its lens looked like a toy in comparison. But indeed, its auto-focus is amazingly fast (no perception of any lag) while on the Fuji it was slow, hunting and sometimes failing (in the light environment of a shop in the late afternoon). I did not manage to check the XE-1 with the new zoom, which is reported to be faster in AF, but on the 35mm it is so slow that I’m now questioning my decision to buy it. On the other hand, I did not see any problem with the EVF, yes it may lag behind a little if panning very quickly, but on average I liked it better than the one on the NEX.

    • Dan

      Did you ask if it had the latest firmware? If not, I can see it being sluggish. But mine is very usable even in horrible light conditions. Besides, future firmware updates may even improve it once again. Just buy the got damn thing!

      • Yeah buy it, never had such a boost on my image results and such a fun when hunting for new images. You also need to upgrade the lenses with firmware thats a big moove, the 35mm i bought had old firmware and that upgrade solved slow AF and this evil blade sound of the aperture blades. Now its fine. But have to say the 18mm AF is faster! I like that 18mm lense, nike DOF also.

      • Roberto

        Well that was the X-E1 it has to have the newest firmware. But yes, probably I will get it anyway.

        • Roberto

          Ah right also the lens FW has to be updated, and I don’t know if this was done by the shop for the 35mm I used. Though they seemed very competent, will check. In any case, I may end up buying only the kit, and wait for the 35mm-equivalent pancake (for street) and the 85mm-equivalent (for portrait).

          • Jon R

            Roberto, there isn’t a 35mm pancake lens on Fuji’s road map. The 23mm f1.4 is definitely not a pancake lens. They do have 27mm (40.5mm equivalent) f2.8 pancake which is coming in 2013.

    • not again

      This is a hard decision.. obviously IQ is irrelevant if you get a blurry or no shot.. that’s a huge win for sony and cannot be understated… however, being able to create a stunning image that has the “pro” quality is also very important.. sounds like the sony can produce good pics, but with lower DR I dont know if the pictures are going to pop and be truly special.. i feel as if it will be difficult to convey emotion through the sony, and conveying emotion my ultimate goal.

      • Roberto

        @ Jon R, yes you are right I meant the 41mm equivalent pancake. But the 35mm (50 equivalent) is my preferred field of view, probably an imprinting from my film camera when I was younger. So if I find time I’ll check in the shop if its firmware was updated.

    • Peter

      I hear you. The zoom is in fact a lot faster with the zoom (I have both lenses). However the hunting in low light/low contrast can bother me. What I usually do is just set it to MF. The mf on this camera is great (you can use the AE-lock button as a focus assist). This way you can still snap quick shots without the hunting, and, if you’re not confident about the focus, the 3x zoom is just one thumbclick away. If I were to improve it, I would ask Fuji to make it possible to assign the F button as a focus assist, so you dont have to move your thumb past the grippy part of the camera.

      Anyway, overall I am very happy with both the lenses and the body. In over 90% of the shots it works more the fine, and the other 10% is caused mostly by my lack of experience with the body/lens. The result is nothing short of amazing. The sensor and glass coupled with this size and weight are just out of this world. Sony just doesn’t have the right AF lenses to be able to win, and if you look at Fuji’s roadmap the line-up of Fuji will even get better next year.

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