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Why do (some) People Hate Fuji? * Mock-Up X-T10 Vs. Real X-T10 (with XF 35mmF2 WR) * X Lens wishlist * – Top FXF Threads


shared by Goran – Rural Bosnia (Stunning set of Images!)
shared at the Brand New Fuji-X-Forum

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So here we go, this is just a first selection of some of the hottest topics, controversal debates, stunning images (and more) shared over at the New Fuji-X-Forum. There is much more to discuss here.

Feel free to join the brand new Fuji-X-Forum and share your images, thoughts, ideas, questions, suggestions and more. I will feature the hottest ones on FujiRumors, in order to give you the best visibility possible.

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General Discussion

– started by milandro: “Fuji hatred? Why?” Do you have an idea why we can regularly find bloggers, who write with the sole purpose of a passive-aggressive hateful intent against Fuji? Follow the discussion here.

Fuji X System

X-T1 / X-T10

– started by me, Patrick FR: “Real X-T10 Vs. Mock Up X-T10… which one do you prefer?” Ahead of the release of the X-T10, FR-reader Yoav send me a mock-up of the X-T10 with a thinner top plate. I shared the images and wanted to know which one the Fuji-X-Forum community prefers. See the pics and make your choice. It now includes also an image of the Fuji X-T10 with XF 35mmF2 WR lens!


– started by antonio: “Second Body“. Antonio needs a second body. He already owns an X-PRO1. “So wich one the best to pair with X-Pro1, X-E2 or X100s?”. Make your suggestion here.

X-E1/X-E2 – Firmware

– started by Sodela: “Any news about a FW 4.0 update on the E2?”… we could also ask: “will there ever be a FW 4.0 for the X-E2?”. Follow the discussion here.

Fuji X Lenses

– started by Toon: “Your X Lens wish list.Just Start Dreaming here ;)


– started by benjaminthomson: “Splotchy colours in Lightroom – X-T1Advice needed –  RAW file available.

Accessories – BAGS

– started by erreflower: “My favorite camera bag is…”. Share your favorite bag here.


shared by GeffBourke – Glacier Bay, Iceland

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shared by MehrdadAll around the world – Share Your Pics