Weather sealed X: double SD-card slot and OMD shape?


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X-E2: just 2 silver X-E2 with kit lens available at ebayUS at kenmorecamera here / A FR-reader told me that he just received his silver X-E2 (body only) from pictureline

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and now the rumors ;)

A quick rumor update before I go back at work: a trusted source told me that the weather sealed X coming in January will have double SD card slots.

The design? A new source said that the camera body will be “something like OMD (E-M1 – E-M5) shape“.

I remind you that previous rumors I’ve shared with you said it will feature an APS-C X-Trans sensor II, have a high performance EVF… and cost more than the X-E2. Now I’m curious to see if the XF 10-24, that should be announced November 20, will be the first weather sealed lens.

That’s it for now, but stay tuned for more… and spread the word via facebook, google+ and twitter! And I don’t mind if you quote the source ;).

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  • TJM

    Please no hump, please!

    Just my 2 cents.

    • Pierre


      • Vlad

        Hm… Do I understand correctly that the “hump” was introduced to accommodate prisms in SLRs? If yes, than I totally do not understand the “hump” in mirrorless cameras.

    • JanIIISobieski

      i don’t mind the “hump” if that mean it has bigger brighter EVF with higher magnification. Otherwise I do prefer styling of X-pro1 and x-e1. But maybe there is nothing wrong for Fuji to diversity X camera line ?

      • JK

        The “hump” on SLRs was necessary for the contained prism inside. There is absolutely no need for it nowadays, at least in cameras using EVFs. And the brightness of the EVFs is only depending on the display used – not on the hull features of the camera.

        • JanIIISobieski

          EVF-s also include sets of lenses witch provide magnification if you want higher magnification and bigger view finder, bigger image view inside of the VF you need more space for lenses inside. Look at the Vf-4 from olympus I think the best EVF now available on the market(witch contains parts from Epson I believe) , it is the same that is use in A7/a7r.

          and look how big it is in real life..ther is no way that you would put it in RF style cam like X-e1 or even bigger x-pro1.

          Also VF in the middle is ascetic choice but not only, I like RF styled cameras that why I bought X-e1 instead of e-m5 but there is nothing wrong with one or another approach.

          • but you do not need hump on top to house it, that’s sony’s and oly’s decision to design it that way – most of the mass is just casing, lens and EVF module aren’t that big

          • JanIIISobieski

            Hexx, I diss agree if you see how huge VF-4 and on the picture you can see that lenses and vf it self consume almost whole space inside, its ad on so if they could they would make it smaller. You can see that there is now way that this evf would fit in the RF stlye body, at least not without sticking out like 2-3cm(more then one inch) to the back of the camera body.

          • @Jan, I looked at that very link you posted and based on that I commented -> puzzling, isn’t it?

    • Humps must be the *in thing*. But for the life of me, I don’t understand why. A case of “me too-ism”, Fuji? :) If the rumor is true, I’m thrilled I got the X-E2.

    • Dieter


      Hope they stick to the Leica viewfinder style.

  • NOW YOUR’RE TALKING. This is the one biggie for pro photographers, a second card slot. This was the single biggest advantage that the likes of Nikon have had over the X series. On high value assignments, a second card slot is simply a must. Cards do fail. Big value assignments require shooting in duplicate.

    • Cards do fail, but makes a wonderful job at recovering pictures from a damaged card.
      More importantly, photogs fail at a much higer rate than SD cards do, and having instant backup that you give to your assistant or to uncle joe at a wedding is invaluable.

    • Ray

      Its a biggie for people who use cameras. Certainly not just pros. Any one of your jobs costs a small fraction of what one of my vacations cost. Running a backup card is a biggie for those of us who travel extensively as well.

  • Not too sure about the OMD shape, however. Not that. I hope.
    – Paul.

    • patrick

      The rumor of the design comes from a new source, so take it with a grain of salt

  • John

    This better not be the X-Pro2. Fuji, please don;t make a “me-too” camera.

    • patrick

      it’s not the X-PRO2

  • Caerolle

    Uhg, glad I am not interested in the weather-proofed camera, I find those angular ‘pentaprism’ humps massively ugly. I feel the OMDs, the A7, and the Df are hideous.

    • DTB

      I agree – can’t stand the design of the OMD or A7. If it is designed like that, I think it will be a mistake. Why counter the benefits of new, improved features with an ugly design? However, I wouldn’t be surprised, as they may want to distinguish it from the X-E and X-Pro designs by using an SLR design.

      • Caerolle

        I don’t get much heartburn over that, as long as it isn’t just a gimmick like with the Sony A3000. If the hump is to house a bigger viewfinder, or make room in the camera for something, that is fine. And a larger body gives more room for physical controls, and a better grip.

        I do love the shape of my X-E1 one though!

        • lone.samurai

          I agree, that hump may be a functional thing and perhaps fuji can pull off a camera with a hump back that is aesthetically pleasing to most while giving us a much better VF and extra features.
          I just bought an OMD em1 and it’s an amazing camera. The fastest mirrorless interchangeable ever made and the IQ isn’t far behind my x-e1, actually up to 400 iso I much prefer it and I’m mostly shooting at low iso.
          Things I won’t compromise on and need from Fuji are:
          . A weather sealed body with that 10-24 and a couple of primes to be weather sealed
          I want this as a high iQ & light weight landscape camera/lens for ultra wide and the Em1 would be a better all rounder for me but if the fuji can’t handle a splash then it can’t go where I want to take it

          . In body image stabilisation because despite the naysayers and so called purists who acuse people who appreciate it’s benefits of not understanding focal length and correct exposure, the benifets are still there and great despite what you say

          .An Evf like the one Olympus is using in the Em1 which absolutely amazing. I was skeptical before I used thinking yeah whatever these things are all the same and now I’m a believer. It should be tweaked by Fuji to be quick and fluid.

          . An ultra responsive hybrid AF system that is a next generation effort from Fuji.

          .A newer sensor with slight improvements overall and this is fujis strongest area

          .A larger grip for larger zooms and fast primes.

          A dream camera and compliment to my OMD this would be as they’d play to each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

    • Uwe

      >>Pentaprism humps – ugly

      Full ack!
      But it looks like more a Prof. DLSR :-)

  • Don K.

    A weather sealed cam for outdoor photography, makes definitly sense!

  • nwcs

    Now I’m really intrigued. I love my X-E1 but an even higher than X-E2 performing camera would be really nice. And it makes sense for some markets that haven’t adopted mirrorless as fast due to the false idea that a DSLR is automatically better. Ergonomically I’d love a big grip built in and more of a DSLR shape but better laid out. Best of both worlds: X-E1 for one type of thing and this for another.

    • MJr

      Or a short grip, just something to grab onto. For some reason they always seem to go all the way or almost none at all. Why not in between. Would love something like on the classic Canon A-1. Preferably even removable too. I don’t get why they don’t all do that.

    • Fuji X-Fan


      I can’t understand the voices who claim that this would be a “me too” camera. It is about ergonomics, size-optimization (built in grip and a truly large viewfinder doesn’t work on rangefinder-shaped bodies) and different “tiers” or areas of the market. Isn’t the X-system for everyone who wants good glass and good IQ? Some people buy cameras because they are small, some because they are ergonomic and some because of certain features (Hybrid OVF, manual controls etc.). I believe that in some instances, the “DSLR”-shape makes room for more physical buttons, which can be a huge selling point to enter the system. People own more camera bodies than one, especially professionals…

      • Calking

        Yeah, and lets not forget those on FR who could really appreciate the larger body style of the “me too” design — you know — for those 200 – 400mm, 300mm f/2, 400mm f/2.8 and 500mm f/4 primes these guys are so freaked out are missing from the lens lineup….

        ah HAHAHAHAHAHA>………..

  • MJr

    People seem to make too big a deal about a ‘hump’, it practical use you won’t even notice it’s there, and it gives great balance when shooting. There’s something to say for either option. What matters are the classic shutter dial and aperture on lens control that neither Nikon or Olympus or Sony have managed to do right with digital so far.

    Also, since when are all classic slr style cameras referred to as OMD … they’ve built quite the reputation apparently.

    • TJM

      It’s a good point.

      My reaction to the hump was purely because of how much I like the look of the X-Pro + X-E cameras. The practical + IQ considerations are of course more important – I have confidence that Fuji – a company that understands the value of functional, beautiful tools, will deliver on both counts.

      I guess there was a little bit of petulance thrown in there too – That ‘retro’ Nikon has really let the side down.

    • Ray

      In use I would not notice a pink camera as well. But I would not buy one. If a hump is functional (flash module) perhaps but please, not have another sudo dslr.

      • Calking

        I don’t get it — all the clamoring for a FF body and big telephoto zooms and long-ass primes and all the manufacturers are going big with their pseudo-DSLR-style MILCs and people are suddenly hoping the small size remains for the Fuji X.

        I too want to see it stay as-is. Unfortunately, all these camera makers are somehow expected to create FF, small, MILC cameras with a vast array of lenses at launch, including African Safari and Mars Telescope capable fast tele lenses for the “me too” crowd who really DO want Fuji to emulate what everyone else is doing.

        The company has created a brilliant line of bodies at different price points.
        They make ILC, fixed focal and zoom models.
        With and without X-sensor.
        A line of lenses from 10-240mm including zooms and primes, some of which are the best in class.
        Well built, retro-style design, terrific performance all-around.

        The perceived “need” to do more more more is inevitably going to result in more more more ME TOO ME TOO ME TOO designs to meet this supposed clamor for the all-in-one perfect camera that will never become outdated and costs less than a used Oldsmobile.

  • Agreed that for outdoor folks a weather seal helps. I take my X-Pro1 to boy scout summer camp each year which is a week outdoors day and night. The weather seal helps as this last summer the southeast US had rain constantly. I wonder if the dual SD slots will allow for both duplicate images and also a choice for larger storage. I.e., write 1st shot to card A and second shot to card B, etc. This might speed up the write process? Intrigued to say the least!

  • Would be awesome if Fuji would offer an upgrade program to get my existing XF Lenses upgraded to weather sealed lenses.
    Maybe in a way of sealing up the existing lens.

    I was thinking about the X-E2 but I have changed my plans. I´m going to wait for the new X weather sealed Fuji.

    This is great news.

    • S.P

      I’ve changed my mind too – cancelled pre-ordering of X-E2.
      I still enjoy my X-E1. and better EVF and dual-card slots sounds tempting… hope new camera would have tilting LCD also.

      So I’ll wait until January, even if new camera would not suit me – it’s never late to order X-E2.

  • Maybe just a grip, not a hump. Seems like an easy and practical way to solve three issues at once:
    – larger battery
    – two card slots
    – tripod mount well away from battery door

    And lots of users seem to use an additional grip anyway.

  • I am definitely looking forward to a camera that performs a noth above the X-E2. It will most certainly be the camera I’ll personally use most of the time. I remember people complaining about Fuji releasing X-Mount cameras below the X-E series. Now some are complaining about Fuji offering a camera above the X-E series. And the rest seems to be complaining about the X-E series. ;)

    • Caerolle

      What would you like to see that isn’t on the X-E2, performance-wise? Or are you including weather-sealing/dual cards as ‘increased performance’?

      • I have plenty of ideas how the X-E2 can be improved, and so has Fuji.

        • Caerolle

          Oh, so is a secret…

      • patrick

        for example, it’s rumored to have a bigger and better EVF

        • Caerolle

          So, why didn’t they just do that with the X-E2? Or will a bigger EVF not fit without a hump?

          Personally, it isn’t a hump that bothers me as much as the big angular ones (ugly plus too many sharp edges and corners). If they made a X-camera based on their top-end bridge, I would likely buy one, if the AF improves, and they ever release my 56/1.2. Would be great if you use an on-camera speedlight, or even for longer/bigger lenses.

          • patrick

            I’ll try to get some images… that will be tough, but never give up hope ;).

          • Caerolle

            Could you just get me a copy of the camera instead? I will be happy to be a tester, and won’t let out any details to some rumor site! ;)

          • patrick

            hehe… I’d love to! but, I don’t know why, Fuji tends to hide cameras from me.

          • Andy

            Why could that be… ;D

    • DTB

      I don’t think anyone is complaining about improvements in performance. Copying an ugly design like the OMD and A7 is a concern though. I am hopeful that, if they do so, they will somehow make the design appealing…A significantly improved rangefinder-like designed MILC would be more appealing, in my opinion.

      • Fujifilm is already offering two model lines of rangefinder styled MILCs, plus two lines of rangefinder styled fixed lens compacts. I do not see them offering a line of SLR styled MILCs, but there is the X-S1, which happend to have a hump and is also weather-sealed.

        • DTB

          Oh, so it is basically going to be a DSLR…

          • You’ll have to ask Patrick, he has been spreading this rumor for several weeks. :) While it is safe to say the X-E2 will not be Fuji’s last X-Mount camera, it is always hard to put your finger on features of cameras that are still work in progress. Obviously, many Fuji users use their own imagination about how future cameras could or should look like, and the OM-D is often mentioned as a role model.

          • Calking

            At 50+ years old I finally figured out why time seems to be passing so quickly…..

            it’s all this in-between-time for new camera and lens announcements that will change the world of photography forever, but none of them are good enough.

      • MrGecko

        One could argue that the retro movement started in earnest with the X series. For this I don’t see an issue with a change in design as long as it is innovative and an evolution as was done with the X100 rangefinder style. I personally have been holding back to see what the XP2 will be like. Heading to CES in January to do some first hand investigation. Patrick you should go too.

        • patrick

          CES? Impossible for me: 1) It’s half the world away from my home 2) I don’t have holidays in that days. So you’re undercover for Fujirumors, MrGecko. Drink some beers with the reps there until they spill all secrets ;). Have a fertile investigation and share with Fujirumors

  • Ryan

    Hump = No buy!

    • Joe

      The hump is probably required because the new EVF will not fit at the side of the camera just like the new sony a7. The dual slots would be hopefully for a larger MPIx sensor (not just another x100s sensor I hope in a different body) requiring more data writing, raw on one card and jpg on the other card. Weather sealing is really a must and should have been included in the xpro1 and xe1 given the original costs of these cameras.

    • Pete

      I’m with you. If this new model has a hump over its top, this will be another ugly camera on mirrorless history.

      • Caerolle

        Doesn’t that depend on how well the hump is incorporated into the overall design?

  • Duke

    While weather sealing sounds great, I do worry about the new design. I like the viewfinder on the left and this is the main reason why I sold my OM-D.

  • Anthony

    fuji must be careful about their price tag since Sony’s A7 now sets up a standard about FF price. Thus Fuji’s APS-C camera will have to be cheaper than Sony’s A7.

  • Milo

    No hump, please!

  • Adamant

    Bring on the hump. Much nicer for left-eye shooters.

    • Indeed.

      • THOR


    • Wisdom Woz


      • Caerolle

        For me, it would place my right hand right against my nose, and be even more steady than now, where I place the back of my right thumb on my right cheek. And center my camera even more, which is part of why I shoot left-eyed–I feel oless steady reaching over to shoot right-eyed.

        • THOR

          So what happens if you have a big head?

      • mgoods

        Right now my nose smudges on the screen.

    • Uwe


  • Wisdom Woz

    No fucking hump. Please Fuji. Keep the rangefinder flat top-plate.

    • I totally agree!!

    • Calking

      This way they can make the X-Hump and the XO-Hump models, like the D800 and D800e kinda. More sales.

  • Wisdom Woz

    And what would be the point of a hump? I hope Fuji don’t mess with the simple rangefinder style bodies they have in the X-Pro1 and X100!

  • NOOOOOOOO – no fake pentaprisms

  • Finns

    Dear Fuji….. No hump please. It’s very disgusting.

    • S.P

      Hump in OM-D was for practical reason too – place for gyroscope and stabilizer… maybe Fuji will implement some IBIS too? :)

  • nwcs

    You know, people, there’s no harm in Fuji having two different ergonomic styles. A DSLR type styling would be so much easier to hold and handle. Rangefinder style is so much easier to be discrete and smaller. Both are great.

    What I’d like to see in a >X-E2:

    1. Bigger EVF
    2. Even faster processor
    3. Dual cards
    4. Bigger battery
    5. 16 bit raw files
    6. Better metering
    7. Better button placement, dedicated AF paddle
    8. USB 3
    9. Built in GPS
    10. All the great things of the X-E2

    But more importantly we want more lenses!

    200 f2.8
    300 f4.5 or 5.6
    and the like!

    • Uwe


      100 f1.4 Marco 1:1

    • Calking

      yeah — bring on the telescope lenses for Venus observation…just what the Dr. ordered

      • nwcs

        Yes, how dare I want to use my camera in ways you don’t approve.

        • Calking

          You can do anything you like man – there are already adapters available so you can shoot any super-telephoto lens you can get your hands on.

          Whether Fuji should allocate resources to manufacturing VERY VERY VERY NICHE AS ALL HELL glass like that that 90% of MILC users would NOT buy given the size, weight, and cost is another matter.

          Considering that they are losing money on camera sales (along with every other manufacturer except Canon and Nikon and Leica) I don’t see that it’s a practical request — hoping Fuji will get into the super-tele lens business.

          • nwcs

            If they want to be considered a complete system they will have to address the niche products as you called them. Sounds like you read Thom Hogan’s recent article, too. If you look at the rest of them you’ll see he considers a complete lens lineup essential.

  • Gorgon Empire

    If Fuji bring out a fake hump just for the sake of it, I will throw my sell all my Fuji Cameras and lenses out of principle.

    • Peter

      Well, seems like the defiant phase never stops with some people.
      Learning that the world is not turning around your person only is hard, I know that, but once you come over it you´ll be relieved.

      • THOR

        People who like humps, real or especially fake. Have poor product design taste. Its as simple as that.

    • Calking

      thank GOODNESS you don’t feel this way about female breast implants !!!

      my GOD

      • in your age, I guess it’s the only stuff you can get ;) so I don’t blame you for the lack of choices you have

        • Calking

          Yeah, I shoot gorgeous models with both. Fun! THanks

  • aren’t there enough of mirror less cameras with fake pentaprisms already? yes, there are, Fuji, stay what you set out to be when you introduced first X camera, X100

  • limlh

    Why ugly OMD? Why not a sleek design like the Nikon FM2? You can do that with a mirrorless format. The hump can be a high resolution EVF with no lag and no blackout. A much more successful solution than the bloated Nikon DF.

    • Indeed. In any case, I am amazed how many commenters have obviously already seen images and handled a mockup in order to come to their undoubtedly well-informed conclusions about the uglyness of one of Fuji’s next rumored models.

      • DTB

        People are just concerned that it will look like an OMD…

        • That would probably lead to a patent infringement suit against Fuji. ;)

      • Caerolle

        Aren’t you being a bit unfair with this? The post specifically said ‘like an OMD’, which brings a certain image exactly to mind. It didn’t say a hump, or a bridge-style camera. I know I immediately thought of the angular, pointy thing from what *was* stated.

    • Hervan

      “Why not a sleek design like the Nikon FM2?” – nailed it.

    • As much as I like the idea of OVF on the X-Pro 1, it is not yet practical enough with the poor parallax error correction and coverage (more like 80 to 85% of actual). Both of these are none issue on a good DSLR OVF.

      The Nikon Df is a huge miss for people desire a slim profile, discrete, manual focus friendly camera the size of a rangefinder. Fuji did an excellent job exploiting Leica’s inability to fill the gap in rangefinder, they should do the same with the non-existance of a Nikon digital FM.

      Go Fuji!

  • Fujimoto

    This sounds like an exciting camera. I’m curious to see Fuji’s twist on the OMD body style.

  • zooz

    I don’t know why so many Fuji X users are opposed to change. It’s quite funny, really.

    The hump is obviously for the bigger EVF, which can only be a good thing, plus it’s equal opportunities for the left eyed amongst us.

    And for those scared about losing the range-finder aesthetic, why not wait for the X-Pro2? This one will obviously not be for you! Personally, I find the retro look a bit kitsch. There’s no reason why we can’t have a modern design, but still keeping it functional.

    • S.P

      I like my X-E1 rangefinder style very much, not only because of flat top – because of dedicated aperture ring, and shutter speed dial. Hope in the upcoming camera it would be same approach with dials.

      I’m not against fake-pentaprism hump if it was made for practical reason – big EVF and/or IBIS.

      • A hump can be either fake or practical, not both at the same time. ;)

        • S.P

          I’ve meant “fake-pentaprism” – that it only imitates DSLR pentaprism.
          So I can be practical – for better EVF or IBIS, or not (just for design).

          • LOL! A hump would house a pentaprism, but since MILCs never have any of those (neither real nor fake ones), that is irrelevant. So a hump on a MILC is either fake (aka useless, just a hull for empty space) or it serves a purpose and houses something useful. Most of the commenting experts here have already ruled that it is fake, aka only for show.

          • S.P

            Rico, I don’t understand what are you laughing about that loudly… I’ve said same thing – it’s fake pentaprism hump, but let’s see if it makes sense to put it in new camera.
            There is no sense to place currently sized X-E1 EVF into hump – it would make hump “fake pentaprism and not practical”.
            If it’s MUCH bigger EVF and/or IBIS – hump is “fake pentaprism but for practical reason”.

          • Calking

            It can be fake, but useful — like for storing extra SD cards, or gum.

  • like it if it becomes OMD shape,then she will probably fullframe suspect its bigger for the sensor, weatherproof and 18-20th pixels wifi hopefully will make the app in your phone so it will be a snap with the phone apps, and better battery life is an absolute must.

    have often been photographed at a party with my X-Pro1 and three battery go quickly,

    Nice nice

  • Actually, placement of the EVF is important. For smaller cameras, especially the level of street shooting, wedding work and other ‘rangefinder’ type photography, the left side of the camera is the optimum placement for an EVF. Left or right eye’d, your right eye should use the viewfinder so your left can ‘keep an eye’ on what else is going on. My right eye is horrible in terms of needing correct, but with glasses, I favor my right eye. I am sure this new model will have built in diopter correction, but if the EVF is in the middle, I won’t buy it. To be a serious work camera, I want a left sided viewfinder… IMHO.

    • The benefit of having The VF at the left upper corner is certain time tested. However, having your left eye exposed creates a different problem in shooting portraits in a foreign country. I’ve had several photos where everything is good “except” although I direct the subject to look at the lens, the subject’s instinct to follow the eye, in this case, the exposed left eye, created shots less connected than they could be. Pros and cons.

      • Very interesting. Thanks for sharing that perspective, Will.

  • S.P

    Also better battery would be nice too… I can make around 1000 shots on single 32Gb SD-card with X-E1 in RAW+JPEG, but it would eat 3-4 batteries. So it makes slightly less sense for dual-card slot – mostly for backup.

    • As long as all batteries remain compatible with all other X-Mount cameras, I am totally for battery improvements.

      • S.P

        Maybe dual-battery slot too? :))
        If it has enough space in grip, maybe good idea :)

        • In the 90s, I simply attached a battery grip to my SLRs when I needed more power.

        • Calking

          Man — I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and the battery life is INCREDIBLE. Even with wi-fi and bluetooth enabled it lasts 3 days between charges and still has some left in the tank.

          • S.P.

            Calking, nice to hear that – seems to me that Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is appropriate equipment for you to take photos, and there is no reason for you to play troll here,

      • Hem


        • Calking

          @ SP
          get over yourself and this trolling crap. I’m a Fuji owner and user. My position about disagreeing that Fuji release a line of 200-500mm super-tele glass is my opinion and some – like you — decide that any disagreement to you = troll. Shut up and get over it.

          The point I made about Samsung is simple — if a cell phone battery can be made to run a large smartphone for several days without recharging then it certainly is conceivable that a battery maker could develop a better battery than the low-capacity units in the current X-models, and that is the subject in case you were too busy getting your troll comment prepped.

    • justintime

      For me it would be dependant upon what a better battery brought to the party.

      More shots per battery – IMO not worth it if the new batteries are not compatible with X-e1/2. Swapping a battery is not difficult and I do remember when I had to swap film every 36 exposures!

      Faster AF speed – that would be worth having a different battery type.

  • I like the idea of weather sealing. I like the idea of more performance. I am hesitant about the possibility of it looking like an OM-D. If it just has more of a grip on the front, without the addon, great! Otherwise, the jury is still out… Then again, I think the Df is sort of handsome, in a rugged sort of way. YMMV. :)

  • Hem

    Way too much talk about humps here! :-) But seriously, if it serves a purpose, then why not? Dual slot for sd-cards is also a boon for those afraid of losing precious photos. Weather-sealing. Well that would be something…maybe improved battery life and a more accurate battery indicator?

  • Aleste

    Looking at bright side. Once this rumor is more or less confirmed, I am going to be able to finally decide whether to buy the X-E2 or the weather sealed.

    • MrGecko

      …. or wait for X-Pro 2 :) However we have to wait til its closer to CES as that is a major announcement event

  • Pelex

    Die-hard rangefinder shape fans can relax, the X-Pro 2 will be here soon enough.
    I would welcome a faux-pentaprism hump on a weather sealed x-mount body if it
    provided room for a larger EVF or IBIS (or both). A dedicated ISO knob that could override
    smaller shutter speeds would be neat too!

  • Peter Land

    I have a hunch that if Fuji makes this camera it will look classic, stunning and be a great success.
    Bigger viewfinder, manual controls,double card slot, improved ergonomics, and maybe a tilt-able screen. I’ll keep my x100 till it dies but this would get my money

  • Paul

    If there’s gonna be a hump make it on the far left of the body, so your bloody nose doesn’t rub on the screen and so you can still see with your left eye…

    • I’d like to have it on the right side of the body, so I can still see with my right eye.

      • having it in the middle, left and right eyed shooters won’t see anything, having in on one side, you can see with the other eye ;)

  • JanIIISobieski

    Commone people why we cant have some diversity in fuji X line, we have planty of RF style cameras so we can have one with fake pentaprism/evf hump. Also I find OMD E-m5 one of the nicest looking camera on the market(and OM-1 one of the nicest film camera), E-m1 is kind of ugly thu…But I think this new camera is more about usability than styling. Remember it is always abou compromises ;)

    • There are only 2 RF style cameras in with APS-C sensor from Fuji -> X100s and X-Pro1 and both have tunnel optical VF

      • JanIIISobieski

        They’re all not true RF cameras so by majority of people reviewers even by companies that producing these cameras,every camera with EVF in the corner is named as range finder styled camera. Even more modern design as Sony nex-7 is called as RF styled just because of EVF in the corner and lack of “hump”. So I count x-e1/x-e2 as RF styled.

        • I didn’t say they are TRUE RF cameras, they’re RF styled cameras and they are the only APS-C RF styled cameras on the market. Sony’s NEX cameras were not called RF styled. Fuji cameras were called like that because of the tunnel optical viewfinder.

  • I honestly don’t care how a camera looks. I care about the images I can make with them. They are tools, pure and simple. If a hump means a better EVF or IBIS, great. And while we are at it, could I please have a tiltable screen :-)

    • Calking

      Tiltable screens are just ugly.

      HAHAHA….LOL. sorry

  • hump is just a relic from SLRs -> they have to have one, there’s a reason for it. having a hump on mirror less is just gimmick, nothing else

  • codeNsnap

    Sounds exciting…Patrick, any hints of in-body image stabilization ??

    • patrick

      work in progress. But for now I don’t have informations about it.

  • D.Swayze
  • Viezevure

    Noooooo OMD is so UGLY. Its so wannabee please noooooooo.

  • john

    FUJICA :-)…. nothing agaisnt the hump, but I hope they do a better design because the om-d’s and df’s are ugly

  • It is interesting. The ‘hump’ question. See, Leica has no ‘hump’ and an optical viewfinder that shows a 28mm lens sized view. I would think an EVF could use a better LCD (think apple and the retina display) and optics can make it appear much larger. The old ‘hump’ in the 35mm SLR’s was the space needed for the mirror assembly to go up and down. Couple that with a larger lens than a Leica M lens or a Fuji X lens and you had a viewfinder equivalent to what we have in the X series now, but much larger. We don’t need a ‘hump’ for a larger viewfinder. It will fit in the space we have now. I think the weatherproofing and double SD Card tells us it is a pro series even if not the X-Pro2. If it were for studio work only, it wouldn’t be weather sealed and would probably have a wireless flash module built in. I guess we will wait until the next rumor!

    • JanIIISobieski

      Oh I don’t think so that there is now enough space for big in size with proper magnification EVF
      X-e1 and x-pro1 magnification is around 0,62x and compere to 1.48x new olympus e-m1 huge EVF…this is not marginal difference. Its always about compromises,if you want RF ascetics and usability you need to compromise on EVF. Look at the Oly EVF size and please tell me how you would build it in any current X-body when evf is almost half size with more then body itself ?,258

    • Tikbalang

      No, the hump on (D)SLRs is there to house the pentaprism, not a space for the mirror assembly to go up and down.

      • JanIIISobieski

        Actually the cheaper ones do have set of mirrors(pentamirror it is calld) instead of pentaprism for cost down.

        • Tikbalang

          Still, even with pentemirrors, the ‘hump’ is still NOT a space for the mirror assembly to go up and down as intelligently stated by David Knobble.

  • Fiddlergene

    Maybe fuji is confused about a colloquialism. Shooting with a camera doesn’t require a hump ….

    • Calking

      Unless its PORN

  • 4thchicken

    Maybe the new camera will be rolleiflex style – does that qualify as a ‘hump’? :)

    • THOR

      At least a Rolleiflex design is a true classic. I’m having KFC tonight.

    • no it doesn’t, it’s collapsible and it’s a waist level viewfinder ;)

  • Calking

    I hope the new camera is released on Hump Day, 2014.

  • Andreas

    Maybe it will look like the old Fuji STX-2? The OMD and Nikon DF är too big IMO.. The “STX-2” would offer the same look but in a smaller package. It’s a kinda cool idea.. But I prefer the “rangefinder” style of the X-pro 1 and X-e 1 (and 2)

  • XS iv

    (Genuine question) Have write times improved enough since the 1st models to efficiently handle 2 cards?

  • SL

    Oh no, come on … i hope they are keepin the rangefinder-style. i personally don’t like those “humps”. still waiting about some rumors about the X200 :-) hope it will look like a bigger x100(s) with the full-frame-sensor and a 35 or 40 mm fast lens ! :-)

  • I’d like to know that if Fuji does release X200 (full frame camera) if they’ll stick to X-Trans or release it with the same sensor as RX1R (w/o OLPF).

  • shatteredsky

    If they do this, weather-sealed body and 10-24 lens I might finally get one.


  • What if, and bare with me, the hump is styled like a Leica M8, Epson R-D1 or Bessa R, not in middle of camera like a pentaprism? We already have a hump in X-series rangefinder style cameras, not as pronounced.

  • rico

    Never cared for the OM designs. Just because something is “retro” does not make it attractive design to me. I like the look of the X series camera though I do hope they make one at FFrame and with a larger EVF so if it NEEDS a hump then I’m ok with it.

    If it’s humping to for vanity, then i won’t get that one.

    We’ll see.

    Hope they get their video together too. A time-lapse option is always a fun handy one too.

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