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Weather sealed X body design inspired by the Fujica ST


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So, I told you that I would have some spare time today. Therefore, as promised, here is an update about the weather sealed X coming at the CES in January.

A source, who was right in the past, just told me that the new weather sealed X coming in January will have a FujicaST-like design.

Now, a new source previously compared the design to the one of the [shoplink 13887]OM-D E-M5[/shoplink]… which one do you like more? Vote the poll at the bottom.

So here is an updated rumor list about the weather sealed X, all launched by Fujirumors.

  • bigger and better EVF
  • APS-C X-Trans II
  • double SD-card slot
  • weather sealed body
  • launch in January (CES)
  • price range between X-E and X-PRO line
  • FujicaST-like design
  • work in progress :)

Feel free to retweet and like this rumor onĀ facebook on twitter, to post it an all other sites, to talk about it in Forums… and I’ve nothing against it if you quote the source (or write the “you-know-what” site ;))”

You can contact me at or also completely anonymously via rumor box… and spread the word via facebook, google+ and twitter

Here is the poll. PLEASE NOTE: This is just a design comparison and NOT a size comparison.

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