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WATCH Fujifilm X Summit NOW: Fujifilm X-S20, XF8mmF3.5, X-App and MORE – LIVE on FujiRumors


Fujifilm X Summit – LIVE COVERAGE
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Fujifilm X Summit – The Full Coverage Live!

  • X-S20 presented
  • 26MP X-Trans IV sensor and X-Processor 5
  • thanks to this combination, best power saving performance on any X series camera
  • low power consumption and long battery life
  • NP-W235 battery
  • 750 shots in standard mode according to CIPA (but CIPA standard are strickt, such firing flash every two shots and zoom in and out every shot)
  • 7 stops IBIS
  • 0.62 2.36m dot EVF
  • 1.84 million dots LCD
  • 491g weight (with battery and memory card) – only 5% heavier than X-S10
  • pop up flash
  • New camera X-App
  • connects camera automatically to smartphone. User does not have to do anything
  • geotagging info updated every 10 seconds
  • available for download May 25 – connect up to 5 devices on a single smartphone
  • X-S20 comments by a photographer
  • very small camera
  • nice grip
  • great travel camera
  • built-in flash can be handy
  • X-S20 Video Specs
  • H265 All Intra and Long Gop
  • 4:2:2 10 bit internal
  • new Vlog mode: access to 6 most used functino when shooting logs:
    – Self timer
    – face eye detection
    – IS mode
    – High speed Rec
    – product priority mode
    – background defocus mode
  • TG-BT1 vlogging grip
  • X-App can be used to start and stopp recording
  • FAN-001 cooling fan compatible with X-S20
  • New Fimrware for X-T5 and X-H2
  • the promised firmware is ready
  • download firmware here (for 13 X/GFX cameras)
  • improved AF system
  • X-H2 ver.3.00 and X-T5 ver.2.00
  • better motion prediction AF algorithm
  • more resistant against change in speed of moving subject
  • subject detection now under tougher conditions so to track face/eye all the time under difficult conditions
  • more subjects detected: drones, insects added
  • X-S20 has all that AF power too (real life demo)
  • great backup camera also for professional use
  • a level of AF that is normally on high end cameras, but now it’s on a travel camera
  • XF8mmF3.5
  • widest prime lens in X mount lineup
  • 112 angle of view also used in many smartphones
  • 215g and 52.8mm ling
  • great portability if combined with X-S20
  • 62mm filter diameter
  • distortion is good from edge to edge, very clear from edge to edge
  • X-App Again
  • 1033 images taken and still one bar of battery left
  • image aquisition (switch connection from bluetooth to WiFi)
  • select images on the App that you want to import
  • you can also transfer all at ones
  • Activity Log: logs of your shots will be displayed on the App
  • You see also with which camera took how many images
  • Timeline Tab: see all images you took, time, geotag and total number of images taken on that day
  • Camera and smartphone are always automatically connected
  • almost all current X Series cameras are compatible with X-App, except for older camera without bluetooth (you need still the old up for that)
  • iOS and Android available tomorrow
  • compatible firmware update for cameras will also be available today (you need to update the camera too, not only download the App
  • PRICE & Availablity
  • X-S20 available end of June
  • $1.,299
  • XF8mm availbale end of June
  • $799

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