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WATCH Fujifilm X Summit NOW: Fujifilm GFX100 II, GF55mmF1.5, GF Tilt Shift and MORE – LIVE on FujiRumors


Fujifilm X Summit – LIVE COVERAGE
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Fujifilm X Summit – The Full Coverage Live!

  • Fujifilm GFX100 II
  • GFX Formula: GFX = image quality
  • GFX has set a new bar for image quality
  • GFX100 added not more megapixel to GFX50S, but added also IBIS
  • now GFX formula: GFX = Image quality + IBIS
  • IBIS unleashed the potential of shooting at 100 MP
  • GFX100 expanded the field of ultra high image quality
  • GFX100S and GFX50S also subtracted size
  • GFX = image quality + IBIS – Volume
  • still one factor is missing: multiplier
  • 2023 formula (Image quality + IBIS – Volume )x Speed
  • GFX gets the weapon of speed
  • GFX100II is the answer
  • Concept: Agility of X series in GFX body
  • high speed GFX
  • new GFX sensor called GFX 102 MP CMOS II HS
  • more than twice the readout speed of previous sensor
  • 2x bigger buffer memory (128GB)
  • X Processor 5
  • combination of sensor, processor and buffer make it so high speed
  • 8 fps
  • faster autofocus speed
  • phase detection pixels read out faster
  • advanced AF system
  • speed also enhances IBIS – 8 stops IBIS
  • new motion blur detection system. Not only gyro sensor is used to get info on stabilization, but also the image sensor. Image sensor and motion sensor are now both used to gather info for stabilization
  • 8K/30p (with crop)
  • 4K/60p
  • 1080/120p
  • full size HDMI
  • lots of video codecs
  • new sensor can capture more light (+30%)
  • +30% improved SN & dynamic range ratio
  • up to 14+ dynamic range
    NOTE: I think they talk about 30% DR increase in video, because they mention this DR increase while talking video specs
  • they talk about how great it is for video and use also of anamorphic lensers
  • integration
  • GFX100II opens up new possibilities for filmmaking
  • movie shooting performance is enhanced
  • EVF performance improved. Faster readout in live view mode
  • best EVF in history of Fujifilm: 1.0x maginification and 9.44 m-Dot
  • 60fps with full EVF readout and 120fps at 0.77x in high speed mode
  • 11% tilted top plate
  • newly developed leather pattern
  • special matte finish and scratch resistant
  • tilt EVF adapter
  • external fan comptiable
  • 3.5 mic and headphone jack
  • CFexpress B and SD slots
  • Ethernet port
  • direct upload (no need of grip like on X-H cameras)
  • tehtered shooting with new Capture One App
  • New film simulation Reala Ace
  • they talk about Reala Ace development
  • GFX100II sensor is ideal for emulating Reala Ace film simualtion
  • GFX100II first model with Reala Ace
  • IPTC Metadata
  • World Press Photo and Fujifilm will work closely together in 2024 with exhibition in more than 70 cities
  • Fujifilm will continue to support photography and make cameras
  • Fujinon GF55mmF1.7
  • a must have new standard lens for everyone (not only portrait photography
  • biggest feature is superb image quality
  • 2 ED lenses and 2 Aspherical lenses make sharpness and beautiful bokeh coexist
  • bokeh outstanding and designed with extreme care
  • first GF lens with 11 diaphram blades for a near perfect circular aperture
  • smooth focusing with powerful with vibration free and silent DC motor and barrel mechanism to reduce friction
  • Tilt Shift lenses
  • up to 15mm shift
  • camera displays shift amount and rotation of the lens
  • G mount Lens Roadmap
  • 2024 coming
    – GF500mm f/5.6
    – GF lens for movie shooting with fully electronic zooming and autofocus – Power Zoom (no more details given)
  • GFX100I $7,499 in late Septmeber
  • GFX55mmF1.7 $2,299 in late September
  • GF30mmF5.6 TS $3,999 in October
  • GF110mmF5.6 TS $3,499 in November