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travel-X: Morocco “on the road” with the X-E1 + 3 ghost towns with the X-PRO1, X100S and Iridient



 photo DSCF83121-620x413_zps91d5bd18.jpg

image courtesy: Sabino Parente (blog)

Now he’s back. Sabino Parente startet this summer for his trip through Morocco. He packed the Fuji X-E1, XF 18-55mm, XF 35mm, Asahi Super-Takumar 135mm/3.5 M42-lens, M42 to Fuji X adapter Kiwi, Small and light Manfrotto Tripod, 3 Fuji X-E1 batteries, Lots of SD cards… and iPhone 5 in his bag and returned with beautful images capturing the colorful life in Morocco. But read his story and see his shots here.

And if you liked the images of X-shooter Sabino, here is where you can choose your favorite pictures and print them:

“I mainly used the fantastic Fujifilm XF 18-55 f/2.8-4R LM OIS, high quality lens for any situation that has produced fantastic photos in any condition, high color contrast in high lightsun or low-light at night. For the street photography was the perfect lens for capturing moments in the crowdy and colorful medina and souks, an incredible discreet and silent camera. And it was excellent even at 18mm to capture the panoramic view of Fes and the magnificent red dunes of the Sahara desert.”

For the Morocco photo-book “written” with the X-E1 click here.

image courtesy: Sabino Parente (prints)

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Olaf & Kasia

 photo c2a9osztaba_sf_13-08-25_ir__dsf8203_zps82479fa6.jpg

image courtesy: Olaf & Kasia

10 days, 5,500 kilometres, three ghost towns… and lots in-between.! That’s the travel of Olaf and Kasia. All images were captured with the [shoplink 12882 ebay]X-PRO1[/shoplink] with [shoplink 12888 ebay]14mm F2.8 lens[/shoplink] and [shoplink 12883 ebay]Fuji X100S[/shoplink]. They images were processed with Lightroom, Capture One and Iridient. Read and see more here.

Olaf&Kasia also wrote me that finally, after months of working with Iridient, they finally put together a mini-review. So, if you are interested in some comparison pics Iridient vs Capture One you can read this post here: “Then when nobody was watching I indulged myself in an orgy of pixel peeping. What a party it was! […] In fact, the details I saw approached the details on the D800 files. Unbelievable! […] Clearly, the Iridient Developer is doing a fantastic job of extracting every single detail from the RAW files. Part of the secret formula could be the unique R-L deconvolusion sharpening method offered by the program. After talking to my more technically oriented friends they assured me this is the best way to sharpen files as of today. After working for a few months with this software, I admit I like it a lot. Its simplicity and layout are refreshing. The results are fantastic […]”.

image courtesy: Olaf & Kasia

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