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Tony Northrup Fujifilm X-H1 Review (Vs. Sony A7III)


Fujifilm X-H1

Tony Northrup published his Fujifilm X-H1 review. Check out the full video at youtube here. Some excerpts:

  • loves mechanical dial
  • awesome eye detection AF
  • X-H1 is better camera than any Canon and Nikon APS-C camera, expect for battery life and not so much glass as for Canon and Nikon
  • touch screen sucks
  • for sports a Nikon D500 is better
  • he sees no difference between Bayer and X-Trans, and actually a disadvantage because he uses Lightroom
  • Sony A7III has better buffer and has eye detect AF in continous focus. Better battery and IQ, and you can upgrade to higher MP with A7rIII, but with Fuji APS-C you are limited to 24MP

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