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XF 90mmF2: “The MUST-HAVE Companion for a Portrait Photographer ” Olafphotoblog & more Reviews!


image courtesy: olafphotoblog

XF 90mm F2 WR
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So here is another one, who fell in love with the latest Fujinon lens: Olafphotoblog here! They posted a buntch of images and a list of thoughts about the XF 90mmF2 WR (I’ll share just a few points here on FujiRumors):

  • When shooting wide-open, the bokeh is creamy and pleasing to the eye.
  • Edge transitions are gorgeous and ceaseless, allowing for dreamy look.
  • The micro-contrast is nicely balanced for portraiture work.
  • The sharpness is top-notch and on a par with the XF 56mm F1.2 and XF 35mm F1.4.
  • Autofocus works much better with the latest update. We played with a face/eye detection function and found it sometimes takes a bit longer than we would like before it locks. We will write more about this in our upcoming posts.
  • With Fujifilm’s film simulations, which are tuned to photographing people (beautiful skin tones), the XF 90mm is a great fit.

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image courtesy: patricemichellon – 100% crop

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