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“The X-Pro1 will become the backup to the X-E2” (Riley Joseph)


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[I’ve already share Fuji’s X-E2 high-res samples at Fuji’s website here (and XQ1  here). For the X-E2 Brochure click here and here is the features page. The Brochure says that the X-E2 (AF-speed 0,08 sec.) has the fastest AF speed among digital cameras equipped with a 4/3-inch or larger sensor. Measurement conducted by Fujifilm research based on CIPA guidelines using the X-E2 equipped with [shoplink 12888]XF14mmF2.8 R lens[/shoplink] in High Performance mode as of September 2013.]

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It seems that for Riley Joseph, the X-PRO1 isn’t Fuji’s flagship anymore! It has become the back-up camera of the X-E2. Why? You can read it here:

“The X-E2 inherits the X-Trans II sensor and the phase & contrast auto focus from the X100S. In using the camera I found the auto focus to be very accurate and snappy. Definitely better than my X-Pro1. And that is not even using the phase detection because my lenses do not have the required firmware updates for the camera. […] And in another suprise (to myself especially) the X-Pro1 will become the backup to the X-E2. At least until the X-Pro2 turns up.”

You can find one more first impressions article at KaleJF here. And check out also Rico’s first look (with more then 200 comments) here (for Rico’s XQ1 Flickr set click here).

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