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The New Leica Q :: Firmware 4.0 Beta :: Fuji X Wedding Photography Chat :: LR 6.1 & more Top FXF threads!


shared by drtech: Going North – Swedish Wilderness

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Episode 1: Why do (some) People Hate Fuji? * Mock-Up X-T10 Vs. Real X-T10 (with XF 35mmF2 WR) * X Lens wishlist & more *
Episode 2: CLASH of the FUJIS: X-PRO2 Vs. X-T2 :: X-T1 Vs. X-T10 :: 14mm Vs. 10-24 :: 16mm Vs. 23mm :: 90mm Vs. 56 APD & more
Episode 3: Which 3 primes combo is your ideal setup? :: X-PRO2 wishlist :: Be careful with thumb grips :: Sensor dust & more
Episode 4: POLL: No In Body Image Stabilization, do you bother? :: Old Lenses For Dummies + more
Episode 5: The New Leica Q :: Firmware 4.0 Beta :: Fuji X Wedding Photography Chat :: LR 6.1 & more! Top FXF threads

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General Discussion

– started by Patrick FR: “X-T1 Fimrware 4.0 – BETA“. Read the FXF feedback here.

– started by joshinthecity: “The new Leica Q“. Your thoughts?

– started by abjurina: “Fuji X Wedding Photography Chat“… tips and gear preferences from wedding photographer to wedding photographer.

Fuji X System

X-T1 / X-T10

– started by MintMark: “X-T10 JPEG Size… 150% larger?” More here.

– started by Burb: “X-T1 hyperfocal distance” … or when rule of thumbs are wrong.


started by malteser: “My problem with Spot metering…” C’mon Fuji!!!

Fuji X Lenses

– started by Aswald: “Love Your Fujifilm Lenses? Keep Away From DUST!” Are Fuji Lenses Dust Magnets?

– started by ssobers: “Sistine Chapel to Tuscany, what would be your 2 lens line up?” Plenty of suggestions here… and also a tip on how to skip the infinite queue for the Sistine Chapel ;)

– started by JLing: “Fujinon xf 14mm , 16mm or samyang 12mm” Can you answer JLings’s biggest questions? Then do it here!

Adapting lenses to Fuji X

– started by rezzo:  “Looking for a lens to get ‘real’ 35mm“… No Fujinon allowed ;)

med by Aswald: “Canon FD – X Mount Adapters“. Fotodiox, Fotasy, Metabones, Novoflex?… Any ideas which adapter is “better”? Then say it here.


– started by BarwickGreen: “Lightroom 6.1“… did the new Lightroom really improved the X-TRANS demosaicing? And how does it perfom compared to older LR versions, RawTherapee, Capture One, Aftershot Pro… RAW files to download. Discover more here.


– started by strabist: “What are your experiences, good or bad, with third-party / off-brand batteries?” Excellent (and cheap) options to the original batteries here.


– started by dontblameureyes: “Indonesia“… A just Stunning Collection of images.

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shared by Mahalarp: “Landscapes with Fuji X

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shared by Tom H.: Portraiture work, running topic

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shared by Ted Clutter: Landscapes with Fuji

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shared by joergs :: black & white (open thread)

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shared by JuergenK: Seascape

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shared by Enzio: Fuji Flowers

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shared by Mahalarp: Autumn Floating in Arashiyama, Kyoto

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shared by joergs: Black and White (open thread)

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shared by mbart ::  Landscape With Fuji X