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The Day After: focus peaking on the X-E1/X-PRO1


FR-reader George is one of many photographers who updated the X-camera in order to get the focus peaking. Now he posted his “interim conclusion” on his website as it is “not fair to make complete judgment without more time using the feature“. He tried this “welcome addition” on his [shoplink 12882]X-PRO1[/shoplink] with [shoplink 14969 ebay]Voigtländer Color Skopar 35mm f2.5[/shoplink]. Read his blog post here.

EVF: “The focus peaking white lines seem to be visually much less obvious than the lines in the [shoplink 12883]X100S[/shoplink] at normal magnification. Highly textured surfaces or contrasty edges give the best results, while obviously peaking lines are hard to see on white/bright edges. Unfortunately that last bit is important as the EVF is quite contrasty. This makes it quite difficult to determine the plane of focus accurately.  The X100s is much easier to use in this regard, but so long as there is a single colour I think this will always be a limitation on the Fuji implementation. Zooming in to 3x or 10x magnification and then focusing works really well, there is no doubt as to what is in focus.”

Keep in mind that at the Fuji event in Canada the reps said to vkphoto that more focus peaking colours will come in future… this would make it even more useful. Read again this KAIZEN post here.

Patrick (FR: facebook, twitter)

focus peaking: [shoplink 12882]X-PRO1[/shoplink] with [shoplink 14969 ebay]Voigtländer Color Skopar 35mm f2.5[/shoplink]