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The Big Lens Roundup: Fujinon Lenses, Third Party Glass, Autofocus Adapter and More


BH Photo Explora – Mikaton Zhongyi Lenses Bring on the Speed and then Some 

Today I would like to share a rather massive lens roundup.

It will include:

  • reviews about Fringer AF Adapter
  • third party/adapted lenses
  • Fujinon lenses

It’s a lot of stuff ;).

Third Party / Adapted Lenses


Adapters Review


Fujinon Lenses

  • ephotozine – XF 8-16mm f/2.8 review… they say it’s optically gorgeous and they highly recommend it!
  • fcracer – 35mm Equivalent Lens Comparison
  • 5050travelog – 35mm f/2 review