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“the amazing evolution of the X-PRO1” (henrysmithscottage)


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image courtesy: henrysmithcottage

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article where fujifilmxseries explains how Fuji is adopting the idea of Kaizen to constantly improve its products via firmware update. The “old” X-PRO1 is a good example. The camera has deeply changed from the launch to now. Firmware after firmware Fuji was able to speed up autofocus, improve manual focus and start up time, add 3x magnification and the auto-ISO 6400 option, improve writing speed to the memory card and more. Who owns the X-PRO1 from the very first day can confirm what Henry Smith said:

“Over the history of this product, Fujifilm has managed to transform the X Pro 1, through software, in a profound way. I don’t recall any series of firmware upgrades, offered by any manufacturer that has so completely transformed a piece of electronics or a camera.”

But Fuji has not rested on its laurels. Now the arrow-down button works as a second Fn button (with AF field selection option) and the next firmware update in July will bring a long expected feature to the X-PRO1/X-E1: focus peaking! And also the AF-speed will be improved again.

Henry Smith seems to appreciate Fuji’s Kaizen business philosophy and wrote this article here. The new FN arrow down buttonfor an autofocus guy, this essentially fixes any problem I had previously. It is now fast and easy to quickly choose a focus point. If I loved the camera before, I really love it now.” At the end he says:

I am delighted that I invested in this system. As a long time (and sometimes disappointed) user of their photography products, I perceive that Fujifilm is really hitting its stride. Other companies take note: this is how you treat your customer base.”

So any suggestions to Fuji for future firmware improvements? I know you’d like to be able to set minimum shutter speed in auto ISO. It’s possible on the new X-M1, but Fuji didn’t promise this feature in the upcoming X-E1/X-PRO1 firmware update. So, write your firmware wish list in the comments… I’m sure somebody at the Fuji headquarters will read it!

feel free to share your wishes