“the amazing evolution of the X-PRO1” (henrysmithscottage)


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A couple of weeks ago I posted an article where fujifilmxseries explains how Fuji is adopting the idea of Kaizen to constantly improve its products via firmware update. The “old” X-PRO1 is a good example. The camera has deeply changed from the launch to now. Firmware after firmware Fuji was able to speed up autofocus, improve manual focus and start up time, add 3x magnification and the auto-ISO 6400 option, improve writing speed to the memory card and more. Who owns the X-PRO1 from the very first day can confirm what Henry Smith said:

“Over the history of this product, Fujifilm has managed to transform the X Pro 1, through software, in a profound way. I don’t recall any series of firmware upgrades, offered by any manufacturer that has so completely transformed a piece of electronics or a camera.”

But Fuji has not rested on its laurels. Now the arrow-down button works as a second Fn button (with AF field selection option) and the next firmware update in July will bring a long expected feature to the X-PRO1/X-E1: focus peaking! And also the AF-speed will be improved again.

Henry Smith seems to appreciate Fuji’s Kaizen business philosophy and wrote this article here. The new FN arrow down buttonfor an autofocus guy, this essentially fixes any problem I had previously. It is now fast and easy to quickly choose a focus point. If I loved the camera before, I really love it now.” At the end he says:

I am delighted that I invested in this system. As a long time (and sometimes disappointed) user of their photography products, I perceive that Fujifilm is really hitting its stride. Other companies take note: this is how you treat your customer base.”

So any suggestions to Fuji for future firmware improvements? I know you’d like to be able to set minimum shutter speed in auto ISO. It’s possible on the new X-M1, but Fuji didn’t promise this feature in the upcoming X-E1/X-PRO1 firmware update. So, write your firmware wish list in the comments… I’m sure somebody at the Fuji headquarters will read it!

feel free to share your wishes


  • skiizo

    minimum shutter speed in auto ISO

  • reggae1095

    Besides the focus peaking (already announced) and the minimum shutter speed (already asked by a lot of people) in the future firmwares I’d like Fuji to add:

    1) the possibility to enlarge the focus scale, particularly when using the camera in Manual Focus; this will be helpful when shooting at landscape and want to set the hyper focal distance on the lens. This function could be added to the rear dial when in MF mode: rotating to the right the scale will zoom in, and rotating to the right the scale will zoom out
    2) correlated to point 1) Fuji could add the option that pressing the rear dial in MF mode, the camera will automatically calculate the hyperfocal distance and set that focus distance to the lens
    3) possibility to set the bracketing shooting to 5 or 7 photos (not only the actual 3)
    4) possibility to customize also the (right) selector, as already made with the V (down) selector
    5) possibility to set 2 different options to the “Image disp.” function, depending if photographer is using EVF or LCD to shoot photo
    6) when in continuos autofocus, the possibility to choose different AF point, not only the central cross
    7) possibility to extend the ISO in RAW mode also to 100, even better if also 50 ISO will be introduced

    Thanks to everybody in Fuji who will read and satisfy my requests!

    • Ken Allen

      Good list, I hope that these are added as well. :)

    • Chris

      I totally agree for point 1 and 2.
      I would not implement it exactly the way you suggest, It could be nice to zoom the focus scale automatically, no need to add an extra feature to zoom in/out the focus scale.

      I would appreciate this feature when I use the 55-200mm lens because the focus scale is not adequate.

  • Supertrogg

    Unrestricted exposure bracketing or camera control via USB/PTP with no proprietary limitations to achieve the same ends.

  • Steve

    Option to shoot tiff files and ability to set minimum shutter speed in auto iso.

  • Nick

    “Unrestricted exposure bracketing” as mentioned above, is what I really want.

  • Daniel


    minimum shutter-speed, that’s all I am asking for.


  • Raphael

    I wish total zoom-in function when using manual focus, just like play back zoom-in. For digiscoping, the current manual focus is not good;

    Weak up from sleeping mode is not consistent, and sometime takes too long and miss shots;

    The panorama function is quite weak compare with Sony and iPhone, and hope some improvement.

    I agree with the article that Fuji treats its customer well and I am very happy with the system. Looking forward to add the X-M1 and 10-24mm lens when they come available.

  • ulf

    I appreciate the X-Pro1 as a “no-gadget-camera”, but I have to say, one feature, which not long ago I considered myself als a gadget, would be really helpful:
    Face recognition! Why?
    One of my favorite subject is my 3 year old daugther, shot with the 35 mm, 1.4. Half a second can make the difference between a fantastic and a useless picture. Selecting the focus point manually will always take two or three seconds.
    So for such an application, face recognition is neither a gadget, nor a slanderous feature for “real photographers”. If speed is an issue, you’ll never beat face recognition manually.

  • x100er

    check this chinese message, very exciting
    it said that accrording to their trust source, fuji is now develping large sensor compact camera, maybe X30. the sensor size is larger than 1″ with fixed stanard zoom lens!

  • Daniel Jenkins

    I have a first released XP-1… It is hands down the best digital camera system I’ve ever used… Including Nikon and Leica. True. If there ever is an XP-2 I’ll be on it in a flash.

  • denis

    1. electronic remote (wireless)
    2. minimun shutter speed

  • RobertoC

    Look like that if they manage the minimum shutters speed, added to the focus peaking, they will have satisfied most of the customers. On my side, on the X-E1, sometime I wish I could disable the exposure compensation dial. Too easy to move it inadvertently, and pick up quickly the camera to find out the setting was wrong.

  • I suspect that Fuji is positioning the X P 1 to be a cheeper rival to Leica: a”serious” camera.
    Not surprised that facial recognition or scene modes aren’t part of the package. Not that there’s anything wrong with them…
    Actually the impossible dream for me would be a way to enable high speed flash synch in the XP1 like the X100(s) models (made possible by their leaf shutter). Just starting to play with this feature which is really fun.

  • 1. Higher flash sync speed. 1/1000 would be great
    2. Electronic remote socket
    3. Five or Seven frame brackets
    4. Release of a Fuji SDK to enable tethering with Capture One
    5. Min shutter speed in auto iso

  • Tethering, but I don’t know if it’s possible with a firmware update…
    And minimum shutter speed in auto ISO. :)

  • Elias Mereb

    For the X-E1:

    Live exposure preview on the EVF, just like in the NEX cameras, RX1 and a99.

    This is my only complain! Please fuji fix this!

  • Max

    In-camera batch conversion RAW -> JPG!

    I love Fujifilm´s film simulations, and I love the fact that you can choose film simulation, tone curves etc AFTER you have taken the picture. However, changing the settings for 100 or more jpgs is tedious! I would love to see the possibility to batch convert all, or just selected, images in-camera.

    • ph


  • Lefred

    Hi !
    Don’t remove Auto minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO, that’ all I need.

    Nikon cameras have been plagued for years by the lack of this feature. Now they finally added it to their latest cameras (and minimum shutter speed can still be selected manually if you want so).
    I would find it disappointing if Fuji removed such a useful feature.

    Make minimum shutter speed user selectable if customers want it, but don’t forget an Auto mode.

    • Currently, the minimum shutter speed is 1/focal length.

      Fuji could simply add that option into a future minimum speed selection menu, as well as letting us set hard times (I’d like to set it to 1/125 for example).

      • Lefred

        I totally agree with you. :)
        In fact would be perfect as it currently is on the Nikon D800 (except it doesn’t seem to take into account the image stabilization gain in auto mini shutter speed mode).

      • ph

        Currently minimum shutter speed in auto iso is 1/focal length * 1.5. I would be nice if we were able to alter this 1.5 multiplier.

        • Lefred


          It’s probably science fiction, but maybe Fuji could even use the accelerometers built in OIS lenses to measure user’s steadiness and automatically adjust this multiplier…

  • iCry

    Minimum Shutterspeed in Auto ISO and if possible by Firmware – Super i-Flash technology for the X-E1.

  • andreasj

    1. Not putting a JPEG-file that was made using the internal RAW-converter at the end of all files!
    2. Program shift for any configuration
    3. A better Q-Menu. I often do not know in which direction I have to turn the wheel.

  • robin

    Minimum shutter speed in auto ISO !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Like the man said above. It’s all great. All I’m asking for is minimum shutter speed in auto ISO. Why is it so difficult to do this?

  • Omar

    1. minimum shutter speed in auto ISO
    2. Wake up from sleeping mode more quickly
    3. Tiff files

  • John

    I too would like the following:
    1. electronic remote (wireless)
    2. minimun shutter speed

  • marco

    – exposure simulation
    – free move of the af point when in manual focus in a zoomed live view (it’s really useful to check the focus in various part of the image just moving the focus point using the arrow whitout dezooming the lv, changing the point and zooming again)

  • hpc


    Wishes :
    1/ Minimum shutter speed
    2/ a) Circle of confusion setting to adapt the focus scale
    b) a marker for the hyperfocal OR a (fn?) setting to go straight to the hyperfocal for lens that focus by wire.

    But I am already pleased to the care to customers that Fuji is showing with the the past firmwares (from 1.1 to 3.0) even if at this time I have some problem with the 2.05 version: the fn arrow down button came then passed by. I am waiting the 3.0 to resolve the problem.

  • Throttle

    I’d like the minimum shutter speed when using auto iso and a face recognition ( like my OM-D has ) its very handy for me to get random portraits of my kids.

  • robrock

    1) Soft focus filter for the X10 (as in the X20)
    2) Double exposure for the X10 (as in the X20)

  • I have a wishlist for FujiSanta… http://trentontalbot.me/en/a-wishlist-for-fujifilm/

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    I would really like the AE bracketing to extend to +/- 3EV, Face detection would be awesome,
    minimum shutter speed in AUTO-ISO. That’s about it for the X-E1. After that I’m just waiting for a new X-E2 with a much improved and tiltable rear LCD like on a Nikon 7100 and the likes.

  • Markus Worsdorfer

    Oh, and I really like the idea someone had above with the camera focusing automatically at the hyperfocal distance. A landscape dream.

    • Lefred


      An auto ETTR mode would be great, too.

      • ph

        I like to shoot away with my eyes closed and expect to get nice pictures. Maybe Fuji can fix that. ;)

        • Lefred

          Of course. :p

          Maybe you like your portable DOF calculator, but I’d rather have the camera compute it automatically.

          And for Auto ETTR, when you know that dynamic range depends on your ISO setting, and that red or blue channels can clip even if your histogram looks OK, it would save a lot of fiddling. We have Auto DR, why no Auto ETTR ?

          • Lefred

            Auto DR and Auto ETTR would use the same type of algorithm and file manipulation, but one focus on dynamic range and the other would focus on noise.

  • Request

    Minimum shutter speed on auto iso mode.
    Exposure compensation on manual mode while on auto iso.

  • Spot Metering using the Focus Point selected and not just the center focus point.

    • Lefred

      +1 With exposure compensation in manual mode, it would be great when using Ansel Adam’s Zone System.

      • Rolf

        an additional software for Mac/PC which brings the internal conversion out of the camera

  • I am already very excited to see the XP-2, if it has the innovations of the 100s and half of the ideas (which are quite feasible) that I see here then it will be an industry leader. I would like to add a few things I don’t see yet….

    1) Thumb wheel on back can scroll through ISOs and press to select; I really hate having to use the arrow buttons for this… ridiculous.
    2) Brackets not stacked, dunno if they stopped doing this yet as it totally put me off bracketing. Make it an option so’s not to put off my colleagues that use it. :)
    3) Meter bias – I want to be able to ‘Zone’ my camera. To do this you need to be able to set the bias on your light meter like you can with most DLSR’s and the Olympus OMD.
    4) DNG raw files… I know, big order but they will have to get there eventually anyway, so why not bite the bullet early :)

    • DNG is not a raw format per se, more like a TIFF with a bunch of metadata attached. It takes a lot of processing power to create DNG from RAF – and you lose some data in process.

      • Peropaal

        WAT? Lose what?

        • In case of Fuji, it loses a lot. Since original DNG has been designed for Bayer pattern sensors, Adobe had to create various patches to support “non-standard” ones, like rectangular (non-square) pixels of Nikon D1X, or various Fuji experiments (remember hexagonal pixel arrays?)… And Fuji X-Trans sensors are very non-standard from that perspective.

          If you convert from Bayer pattern sensor with square pixels, all you lose is proprietary data that camera manufacturer didn’t wanted to give to Adobe. In most cases, no big loss.

          But with X-Trans sensors, DNG format is not “true raw” – it’s something called “linear raw”, or “partially processed raw”. How much it is cooked, only Adobe knows.

          • Peropaal

            Hard to find evidence backing your claims! Any links?

  • Luca

    Why can’t I just reassign the AF selection, now that is binded by default to the down button?

  • Vlad

    Amazing evolution of the X-pro1? There is a bear in the orchard!!

  • Jiri

    1) Face detection – when you shootings kids, you don´t have time for changing AF points
    2) Shutter delay – i don´t have problem with, i have problem with shutter delay. I´m shooting kids and people. Time between release exposure button and camera expose image is very long.

    • iCry

      Yes, I agree! Face-Detection. A Must have.

  • I just want the exposure to not change during video recording. It renders the video mode useless. When everything is set to manual, aperture, shutter, ISO, the exposure should not change when going from bright areas into dark areas.

  • Brad Morris

    1) “Snap Focus” ala Ricoh GR cameras. Have a user definable focus distance to park the lens between shots. Quick shutter press will fire the shutter without autofocusing at the predefined focal distance. Half press shutter to AF and fire as we have now. Excellent feature for street photography. a Hyper focal option in the snap focus options menu (1.5m, 2m, 2.5m, hyperfocal) may be a useful extension of that feature.

    2) Min Auto ISO shutter speed.

    3) face detection would be handy

  • Brian

    I got slammed by some trolls on a review web site for this suggestion (as for why, must have been a slow day in troll city).

    Here goes anyway.

    Much of the above but also an improved histogram option, especially for the back screen. By improved I mean larger and RGB as well a luminance. This helps me with exposure control in difficult light and is very valuable on my DSLR.

  • jms

    working af-s with nikon lenses via adapter. i need my 400/2.8 running on a silent cam for my jazz-/classic-music/theatre-photography

  • Wow! Lots of ideas for fujifilm. I hope they are listening/reading.
    Perhaps there are a lot of things Fuji could do to sell X Pro 2s.

    One ther priority for me would be reassigning the AF button to something else.
    And a couple of stops of adjustability on the min speed of Auto ISO would be helpful (not all of us are rock steady shooters).

  • f/8

    To be able to see the actual exposure when shooting in manual

  • Splunge

    Image display.
    Too few options now. 1.5 second is too long for me and makea me miss shots, but still i would like to see my shots so no image diaplay is no option either.

    Viewfinder graphics
    Can be simpley and clearer. Lose the colored grey bar for distance. Lose the semi tranparent bar for exposure compensation. Work w orange color and a minimum of details that doesn’t clutter the preview image

  • Splunge

    Legacy lenses
    Not sure this is possible but it would be a w e s o m e if u could see the distance in meters like when u use fuji x lenses in manual mode.

  • Compressed RAW?! Please fuji? :) That’s the only thing that I really want that I don’t have… Because really, do I need to have a 26Mb RAF file? when my 14Bit raws from my D3s are only 15Mb…. :) I know, I want EVERYTHING….

    (X Pro 2, Lossless compressed 14Bit RAF? A boy can hope…)

    • Lossy (the Nikon way) as an option won’t hurt either :)

      • Touche Trent… I would prefer lossless, but low loss would also be nice :) Hell, I’d settle for RLE…

  • Rommel

    time lapse functionality please. That would be perfect with the 14mm hehe.

  • Rob P

    Minimum shutter speed in Auto ISO, FTW!!

    (Faster autofocus never hurts either!)

  • I would love to see the option to use an existing photo taken at a previous time in a multiple exposure image. Example: Take a photo in the morning, then that evening use the photo taken in the morning to combine with a photo you are taking in the late afternoon. Unless I am mistaken, you have to shoot one photo and then shoot the second photo within seconds of the first otherwise lose the multiple exposure option.

    I know this is not a super high priority for most, but it would allow a lot more freedom to do in camera “editing” rather then having to go to photoshop later and do it.

  • Kede01

    A “system” to confirm focus when using manual focus using the Optical Viewfinder.

  • sublimator

    Here is a list of “hardware” improvements I must, want and would like to see (all are deficiencies I have personally encountered with my X-PRO1, I didn`t mention obvious things like faster AF and processor, Phase Detection, Fokus Peaking, etc., which will be included):


    1. Better formed and thicker triangle rings and stronger lugs (actually the only real construction defect I have found on the FUJI X-PRO1, therefor in first place)

    2. Diopter adjustment: -4m to +2m

    3. Weather sealing

    4. Native ISO 100

    5. More focus areas, 8×8 instead of 7×7 to cover the hole image field


    6. USB remote release and external stereo microphone compability

    7. Shutter speed: 1/8000 sec.

    8. WiFi for picture transfer and eventually a remote shutter release App for Smartphones

    9. Handle with better hold and grip

    10. Tilting display

    Would like:

    11. FF, but only if we don`t have to wait another 2 years for 35/50/85mm lenses

    12. Battery door on the camera`s side (see below)

    13. Some kind of RAW-bracketing with flash sync to increase resolution by stitching RAW´s together (after all, there is a PRO in the designation and many pros`s work mostly in the photo studio)

    14. Lossless 16-bit RAW-files (see above)

    15. Inbuilt GPS-Module

    See also here: http://www.dpreview.com/forums/thread/3508903

    • Yes please to 3, 4, 7, and 14… :)

      I would love to be able to use my X Pro 1 in all weather, without worrying too much about it, like my BEAST (Nikon D3s)

      I would LOVE to have a native ISO 100… for studio, and bright outdoor work.

      I would LOVE to have the option of 1/8000th on bright days, when I don’t want to stop down… =D

      And, Oh… be still my heart, lossless compressed 16 bit raw files would be HEAVEN. =D

  • Brett

    For X-pro and XE-1;

    1- A less conservative, more realistic depth of field scale.
    2- Ability to save 16 bit TIFF files. The Raw converter (in camera) works so very well it would be great if we could choose to save to TIFF. It still does better than 3rd party developers, so let me convert in camera then export TIFF to editing software. I print from TIFF files, not JPEGs.
    3- Yes, the auto ISO minimum shutter speed setting. Make it scale with zoom lenses (set at widest zoom setting, camera will automatically increase shutterspeed as focal length is increased)

    • ph

      I strongly support in-camera RAW to TIFF conversion + make it possible to batch convert the RAW files

      • I’d like to see a TIFF option (or at least a “superfine” JPEG) too. Memory is cheap.

      • Fabio27

        Me too. 16 bit TIFF could be a great starting point in Photoshop, and Fuji demosaices its files better than any RAW reader.

  • Andrew

    More than minimum shutter in Auto ISO, I’d like to have program shift.

    All I want to do is move the thumbwheel if I think my shutter speed is a little too slow for comfort. This can (or should) be wrapped into the Auto ISO functionality. The goal here is simply to adjust the camera’s balance of shutter speed, aperture, and even ISO one way or another if I don’t like they way the camera balanced the variables.

    • ph

      Program shift is available via the left and right selector buttons. However this doesn’t work with auto dynamic range and/or auto iso.

  • Robert

    My X-E1/(X-Pro1) improvement wishes:

    1. Auto ISO as on Nikon D7100 with minimum shutter speed selectable as fixed or following 1/(1.5*focal length) +/- 2 stops.

    2. If not 1. then at least add minimum shutter speed setting in Auto ISO as on X100S.

    3. Left and right arrow buttons also assignable as Fn buttons. Suggested defaults: WB and flash mode respectively as on X100S.

    • ph

      The XP1 follows already your desired rule 1/(1.5*focal length) in auto ISO. What we need is a selectable multiplier. I want to be able to choose 2 instead of 1.5. The selectable fixed minimum shutter speed for the X100/X100s makes only sense because of the fixed focal length.

      • Robert

        The 1/(1.5*focal length) rule applies also for X-E1 + 18-55 with O.I.S. turned off. However with O.I.S. turned on 1/30 is selected for all focal lengths. Hence my whish for 2. if I can not get 1. Sometimes I want to set a faster fixed shutter speed to freeze action. That is another reason why 2. is relevant if I can not get 1. Preferably we can get 1. and have more options. :-)

  • sonop

    Delete button working when zoomed in
    Minimum shutter-speed in auto ISO
    Less obtrusive display overlays as in the X20, but customizable
    Left and right arrow buttons and AF button also assignable as Fn buttons (also offering flash exposure compensation)
    “Always on” AF point selection without pushing another button (as in Oly OM-D)
    Face recognition
    Faster AF

  • coho3

    Can the X-Pro1 also have the “Digital Split Image” focusing system of the X100s through firmware upgrade? That would be great.

    Also for future evolution of that function, it would be great if they could overlay the “digital split image” focusing rectangle over the optical viewfinder and not just the electronic viewfinder. That would be the closest you could emulate rangefinder style focusing on the hybrid viewfinder.

    I just bought the X-Pro1 system after the June deals made it much more affordable for me. And with the firmware upgrades, I have no gripes about anything. The hybrid viewfinder is a joy to use. I’m still learning all the features, but I am thoroughly enjoying the camera.

    I was very tempted to go with the X-E1 instead of the X-Pro1, but for me the hybrid viewfinder is the best aspect of the X series cameras from Fuji. So, I had to get the X-Pro1 and I made the right choice for my needs.

    • The digital split image is reliant on the on sensor phase detect pixels, so… sadly no. It’s a hardware thing, not *only* a software thing…

  • coho3

    It seems that some are suggesting too many bells and whistles that don’t really add much to the photo taking process or the image quality, such as wifi functionality, tilt screen, gps, better movie capabilities, etc. I think Fuji should keep making the X-Pro1 a photographer’s camera that enhances only the basics. I really don’t want to see a tilt screen, wifi, gps, in camera editing features, etc on future X-Pro1 cameras.

    Fuji needs to improve on both auto focus and manual focus features, image quality, and ergonomics. I really hope they don’t move away from the tactile analog controls. All of the bells and whistles can be implemented on their other lineups particularly the X-M1 or maybe the X-E1. Fuji, please don’t mess up the X-Pro1 series will too many unnecessary features. Keep it simple, fundamental, and just enhance the process of taking photos and the quality of the images. Like they say, and I really believe is true, that “less is more.”

  • Cameradude

    1.) An AF-on button on back of camera. Or for a firmware update, the ability to set the existing “AF-L/AE-L” button to be used to active the autofocus.

    This is a photojournalist way to set up the camera, which is to use continuous autofocus all the time, then have a separate AF-on button for activating it and just take you finger off if you need to lock focus, and you can press the shutter button at any time without changing the autofocus.

    2.) @above poster: ““Always on” AF point selection without pushing another button (as in Oly OM-D)”
    Yes! This would be great. Bury the P&S-style macro button’s operation in the Q menu or wherever, and have the 4 way pad be dedicated for changing autofocus all the time when in shooting mode. Nikon has had it set up this way for years and it works great. Just tap the shutter release to wake the camera if it’s not already in shooting mode, then you can set the auto focus.

    3.) For a future body probably, one fewer autofocus point across the width and height of AF layout. (What is it 10 across currently? So maybe 9. One less than whatever it is now would probably do it.) This current ones are just off slightly from where I’d ever want a subject and thus the focus point for a pleasing composition. I always finding myself choosing the closest focus point then slightly focusing and recomposing, which is different from how I have to do it on other bodies. For manual focus point selection, we don’t need quite as many individual points. The goal is to choose the general area of the frame quickly.

    4.) More accurate ISO rating (about +1/3 stop)

  • Cameradude

    5.) More accurate framelines for the 18-55mm in the optical viewfinder. The frame lines can jump around while or after focus is achieved, that’s okay. But the frame lines aren’t even close right now.

    • ph

      More accurate framelines with the 35mm as well. The framelines with the 18mm, 60mm and even the 14mm primes are OK, but the framelines with the 35mm are way to conservative.

  • Cameradude

    6.) When formatting a card say “FUJI XPRO1” or whatever. Not “untitled”.

  • Chris

    Oh please! This post makes me want to vomit, the XP1 was clearly released rushed and unfinished and quite possibly untested in the real world.

    The issues were inexcusable for such an expensive device.

    Fast forward yes they’ve made some nice upgrades but its take a VERY long time to get that far.

    Finally the camera is still missing important features such as a total inability to do proper time lapse thanks to no electronic or remote shutter abilities and a video mode that has no ISO or shutter speed.

    Really poor on fujis part and clearly them selectively listening to its market.

  • Wayne

    Fuji has so pleased me with the constant improvement, through firmware, I cannot help but think they are in a singular effort to bring “Bushido,” a great contribution from Japanese culture, back into the world.

    To reciprocate, I offer that I do not expect Fuji to continue making these great upgrades free of charge. I would gladly pay a reasonable fee for firmware upgrades that add new features to my xe-1-I mean, Nikon, Canon, and Sony require that I buy a whole new camera if I want additional features. Anything I can do to reward Fuji, and show the rest of the camera world that the Fuji way is the best way to treat a customer base, will, ultimately, benefit me as well.

    I would like to see Fuji add the feature of allowing me to set minimum shutter speed in the auto ISO setting. My Nikon A has this feature and I find it to be the most useful feature on the camera; without it, I would not have been persuaded to pay the premium price of the A.

    I owned an x10 since introduction and have recently, since the latest sales promotion, purchased an xe-1 and all lenses. The size and articulated screen of the new camera will likely result in a purchase of it. Great job Fuji. I appreciate your effort. I find it refreshing.

    • Chris

      Please stop kissing up to Fuji,

      They clearly rushed the X-Pro to the market buggy and unfinished for a premium price.

      That was inexcusable and now they are play catch up fixing and adding things that should’ve been done when it came out in the first place.

      • Frank

        Is the glass half empty for you? I am very happy with Fujifilm’s progress.
        You should try using another brand and sit there waiting for an update that you want to happen so bad. Only it never comes for your camera and you realise you are forced to upgrade your whole camera and you’ve been marketed once again.

  • x100 user

    x100 seems to be forgotten for quite some time, doesn’t it? I wish Q menu on on raw button for x100.

  • dan

    minimum shutter in auto iso…nothing more :)

  • Minimum shutter speed please.

  • Sean

    1) Min shutter speed in auto ISO
    2) Bracketing extended to 5,7 photos
    3) Live exposure preview on the EVF

  • curiosogti

    ( sorry for my english)

    button FN to swap last shoting profile

    I usualy use two Shooting Profiles, one for B&W and other for Color.
    I use Quick Menu to change between.

    But what about a new “button FN” function “swap last shoting profile”

    With an only push of fn button I can change from B&W settings to color.

    Te button only remember last shoting profile and alternate from actual.
    Somebody could use to change his most often used setings.

    I use for b&w change but it can be usued for what te user wants. One for hig dynamic range, or for low ligth…

    To new button FN ( left and rigth arrows)
    Easy to have 4 fn buttons.


    -Now we have 6 or 3 fps, add a new mode with autofocus between the shot

    – Eliminate the “press ok to continue” when saving the frames for mast work

    – In other cameras with de 6pfs yo can shot only 1 photo y you release the buton fast. In this case i usaly left on always the multishoot. It is oly a minor adjust in software


    now we have 3×3 and 10×10 ( small pictures) so.. Put 5×5 or 6×6 in the middle

    – Also the zoom mode en preview don not utilize the whole display ( why ??)

    FN funtion to adjust flash compensation

    Move elements in EVF

    If you shot in 16×9 mode why are the indicator over the frame in the EVF when is there free black space under and uper frame becouse you are shoting in 16×9

    Image Display option 1 sec and 0.5 sec
    to Sets the length of time for review image to be displayed after shooting whe have
    • Continuous
    • 3 sec
    • 1.5 sec
    • Off

    I want something more fast: 1 sec or perhaps 0,5 sec


    In manual focus, when you rotate the focus, show a window with the zoom to help focussing with out any more press
    like panasonic do in cameras.

    Focus wheel FN

    In autofocus utilize the focus wheel to change options ( exposure compensacion, Program shift iso, flash compensation.. etc..

    now you have the rear screen, the EVF and the auto sensor ( with the eye)

    Put a “SENSOR SAVER” mode: all screen off. The EVF goes on when you put the eye
    This only will help the battery

    ( sorry for my english)

    • Sean

      Some good things here, one thing that rang true as an xe1 owner (Xpro1 have the OVF Option, but still useful for them in EVF mode) EVF/LCD all screens off mode, re-triggered by the eye sensor. That would help with the battery life.

  • Did anyone mention an adjustable diopter like all of the other X Cameras?

  • David

    For the X-100 –> auto iso in fn button fix , q menu
    For the X-E1 –> minimum shutter speed
    For the X-M1 –> panorama mode, black and white filters

  • sugestion

    automatic shot timer function

  • john

    1) i find x-e1 exposure metering inconsistent. In some circumstances, XE1 “Multi” metering may not be suitable, And i may switch to using spot metering. At this moment, it seems the spot metering is only on the centre of the frame and not linked to our selected focus point. my wish is Fuji could link the spot metering to the Focus Point we selected. 2) At this moment, the exposure in live view screen is still NOT “what u see, is what u get” in manual mode. It frustrates a lot, when the exposure u see on live view screen during manual mode, is actually not what u will get after u press the shutter. Both of these two issues should not have cropped up. It defeats the purpose of having those functions in the first place. I hope Fuji can solved these two important issues – metering and exposure which is inter related and one of the core aspects of photography. Thx Fuji, hope u guys are listening.

  • Marco Debiasi

    I would like that the exposure compensation scale in the EVF is displayed in any mode other than manual only if the corresponding dial is not set to zero. There are two good reasons for this: 1 – when no exposure compensation is used the corresponding scale is useless and it just takes away for no reason a good portion of the framed image; 2 – when the exposure compensation is in use, the scale would also work as a reminder of it (which is particularly welcome since several users tend to inadvertently move the corresponding dial). Of course, in manual mode the exposure compensation scale will be always visible to guide the setting of the exposure.

  • Chris

    It’s amazing that NOBODY here seems to kissing the X-Pro 1 missing any sort of intervalometer or ability to electronically control the shutter a total MESS Up by fuji?

    How can you call the camera a pro model when you can’t; even do something as basic as plug into a intervelometer and do a timelapse.

    A mechanical shutter cable, WTF? who dropped the ball here.

    Worse the cheaper XE1 can do it.

    • sugestion

      look better… I said:

      “automatic shot timer function”

      before than you

  • Isaac

    X-E1 updates
    1. Focus peaking
    2. Shift the AF point without having to press the AF button
    3. Facial detection
    4. Thumb wheel ISO scroll (no click, just scroll!)
    5. Manual video controls

    X-E2 hopes (not in any order)
    1. Tethering
    2. Speed
    3. Tilt screen
    4. Diopter adjustment needs to be stiffer or lockable (I always seem to make it blurry)
    5. Exposure control dial needs to be stiffer
    6. Fast flash sync 1/500 or 1/1000?

  • ohwow

    – Manual focus using the OVF
    – Better parallax correction using the OVF
    – Better low light AF (still haunts)
    – Usable CF mode
    – Mimimum shutter speed at auto iso
    – Tethering
    – Customizable Q menu
    – Usable DOF scale
    – Change the metering scale from the left of the viewfiner and center it at the bottom. Use a point a and arrows display a a Leica to determine exposure.
    – Better processing of x-trans by developers or release the on camera´s engine as a standalone software or a plugin for LR-Aperture.

  • CameraDude

    DNG file format! To save lots of time in conversion and no more sidecar XMP files for better organization.

  • Luca

    exposure simulation in EVF !!!!

  • CameraDude

    –100% EVF coverage
    –an ‘Off’ option for viewfinder gridlines
    –During playback, show the histogram displayed over the lower corner area of an image while the image fills the entire back screen (not the current histogram on a black screen with a tiny thumbnail and lots of mostly unneeded data taking up lots of space.)
    –If the EVF is on eye detect when pulling your eye away (in eye detect mode) , then don’t flip the internal EVF screen down. Just turn it off, but leave it up. (It’s makes noise when it flips down & takes time to come up again when returning your eye to the EVF.) It’d be faster and quieter if it could just turn on again but already be in position when it detects your eye is back again.

    Man I hope they read these.

  • George

    Face detection – i want buy x-e1 but i need face detection for kids photo. If E1 dont have face detection after update i mustb buy lower M1 :(

  • I wish to have stronger raw conversion post-shooting. Yes, I know I can use LightRoom (I’ll buy it one of these days) but I try to avoid in-PC post processing and I really like the ability to convert raw images on the spot while the image and colors are fresh in my mind (or when I’m still there!).
    I love the fact that I can re-develop photos from raw on the spot and extremely quickly and get great results, but doing it for more than a few photos is a pain because of the following problems (priority order):
    1. One photo at a time.
    2. Can’t use saved custom settings.
    3. After every JPG creation I have to find the photo I want to develop next again as the chosen photo is now the new JPG.
    4. Can examine histogram only after saving the converter photo.
    5. Can’t automatically create multiple JPGs with several settings at shooting time.

    Making that part of the camera (which already stands out) be even better would be great!

    My wish/suggestion (prioritized, can you detect I’m a Program Manager? ;-) ):
    1. For raw conversion after shooting, allow selection of multiple photos.
    2. In addition to “reflect shooting conditions” add an option such as “reflect last used settings”.
    3. Add the ability to return to previously viewed photo so I don’t have to flip through many photos after every raw conversion.
    4. Add the ability to see the histogram after conversion (i.e. after pressing the Q button) but before saving the photo. That way it would be much easier to go back, tweak a parameter and convert again.
    5. Add the ability to choose from saved custom settings for raw conversion. There’s an issue to resolve – adding a push-pull setting for post processing (currently that’s the only raw conversion setting that’s not in custom settings as far as I can tell).
    6. At shooting time add a Drive mode that can create 2-3 JPGs at a time (in addition to RAW) with different settings (easiest – choose from custom settings).

    1+2 mean I can play with one photo I shot and when I’m happy grab a bunch of them and apply the same settings.

    2+3 would mean I can quickly (albeit more slowly without 1) apply the same settings fairly quickly on multiple photos.

    Any one of the above would improve in-camera workflow for RAW conversion and make this unique feature be even more differentiating from the competition.

    Oh, and please, PLEASE, add the ability to name custom settings.

  • Thierry Ducharme

    In playback mode, when you zoom in a vertical picture, the picture could occupy the whole back screen, instead of staying in vertical only mode… Also, minimum shutter speed at auto ISO and customization of JPG compression (1:2, 1:4, etc.) are my choices…!

  • I agree with a lot of these,

    For me the two major winners would be continuous frames (- In other cameras you can shoot only 1 frame if you release the button quickly, its annoying that you are forced to shoot 3 or six frames, when often two will do.)

    And I am amazed no one has mentioned this: The ability to tie the 1/3 stop shutter changes to the wheel right next to your thumb. It’s awkward (and terribly un-ergonomic) to have to reach down to the menu arrows to adjust the 1/3 stops. Whereas the back wheel is literally in the perfect spot!!

    Please fix this Fuji.

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