Samyang 12mm F2 AF X First Impressions Review

In Europe and other parts of the world, the brand new Samyang 12mm f/2 AF X autofocus lens for Fujifilm X mount is already shipping, and hence the first reviews now start to appear on the web.

As we reported a few days ago, Samyang US customer service told to a FR-reader that his Samyang 12mm f/2 should ship in January, hence it might take a bit longer in North America to ship.

So how does this lens perform?

Well, you can find a first impressions video review by Luca Petralia (as well as a summary) down below.

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Samyang 12mm f/2 AF X First Impressions

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Samyang AF 12mm f/2.0 for Fujifilm X to Ship in January 2022 (in North America)

A FR-reader ordered the new Samyang AF 12mm f/2.0 and wondered when it would finally ship.

So he contacted the Samyang USA customer service and this is the reply he got:

We anticipate this order to be shipping around January 2022.

The lens was announced back in October, so we are looking at a looking at a three months waiting times for those, who pre-ordered it. Sounds like a long waiting, but compared to what is happening in the Fujifilm world, it is actually blazing fast. I mean, we are still waiting for gear to ship that was announced 9 months ago.

NewThird Party Fujifilm X Autofocus Lenses Group

Samyang 12mm F2 AF for Fujifilm X Mount Officially Announced – First Hands-On Reviews

Samyang has just launched their first autofocus lens for Fujifilm X mount, the Samyang AF 12mm f/2 X.

Key features:

  • Wide-angle captures depth and color with Fujifilm X-Series cameras
  • Excellent resolution in all areas of the Image
  • Outstanding usability with lighter weight & compact size

Down below you’ll find the product description, some charts, the compatibility list and the link to the Samyang 12mm f/2 product page.

Also, you’ll find a first hands-on review and sample images.

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Samyang Teases Fujifilm X Mount Autofocus Lens Coming October 26 (Samyang 12mm F2 AF)

Samyang has now teased again that they will launch a new lens for Fujifilm X mount.

We know thanks to the previous teaser that it will be an autofocus lens and looking of the shape of the lens, we can see it is identical to the Samyang 12mm f/2.0 AF for Sony E-Mount.

So we can safely assume that on October 26, Samyang will officially announce the Samyang 12mm f/2.0 for Fujifilm X.

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