Fujinon XF50mm f/1.0, Where are You? Maybe Shipping October 15 and a Mini-Roundup to Pass the Waiting Time


It was supposed to hit the market at the end of September, but so far the Fujinon XF50mmF1.0 is incredibly hard to find in stock.

I guess Fujifilm did not lie, when they told us they were overwhelmed by the pre-orders for this lens.

And as a matter of fact, the Fujinon XF50mmF1.0 is outselling by a large margin all other Fujinon lenses in 2020 here on FujiRumors.

Now, I got a report (thanks), that BHphoto expects stock on October 15. Let’s hope so.

Remains to see how many lenses they will get shipped… let’s hope enough to fulfill all preorders at least.

Anyway, in an attempt to manage our impatience and the waiting, I thought to publish a dedicated roundup to the Fujinon XF50mmF1.0.

The Complaints

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