Godox X1TF and XProF Firmware Updates and Huge Sales

Godox has released firmware updates for:

Also, there is a huge deal running on Godox gear. The best deals are usually available on Adorama. I’ll highlight the best deal for you down below.

Profoto B10 Plus Released

Profoto B10 Plus

The Profoto B10 Plus has just been released.

The Profoto B10 Plus is twice as powerful than the Profoto B10 (250 Ws vs 500 Ws).

You can read the full overview at Explora here.

Product Highlights

  • 500Ws, 10-Stop Power Range
  • Length: 9.3″, Diameter: 3.9″
  • Li-Ion Battery: 200 Full-Power Flashes
  • Full TTL Auto Exposure Control Plus HSS
  • 0.05-2.5 Second Recycling
  • t0.5 Freeze Mode: 1/50,000 sec Duration
  • 3000-6500 LED Modeling Lamp, CRI 90-96
  • 330′ Wireless Triggering with Air TTL
  • Smartphone Connectivity with Profoto App

The Profoto B10 plus is going to compete with the much more affordable Godox AD400 Pro.