Fujifilm X100V Product Catalogue and Additional Images Leaked

Nokishita leaked the the Fujifilm X100V product catalogue (the original is Japanese, but you can see the machine translated version above or access the it on dropbox here).

Here is what we see:

Cool thing: despite the tilt screen, the screen fits totally flat to the body when tilted in.

The Fujifilm X100V will be announced today, during the Fujifilm X summit live stream at 3PM New York time.

We made the complete Fujifilm X100V with the Fujifilm X100F specs comparison already in this article.

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Fujifilm launches “FUJIFILM X100V”

Fujifilm X100V – Press Release

Fujifilm X100V
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Focuscamera
EU: AmazonDE / CalumetDE / WexUK / ParkcamerasUK / JessopsUK / AmazonUK / PCHstore

-New evolution of the X100 Series, the origin of premium compact digital cameras
-Sophisticated design that exudes functional beauty
-The newly-developed high-performance lens for premium image quality
-The world’s only viewfinder that switches between optical and electronic options in pursuit of the photography style of “shooting through the viewfinder”

Tokyo, February 5, 2020 ― FUJIFILM Corporation (President: Kenji Sukeno) is pleased to announce the launch of the premium compact digital camera “FUJIFILM X100V” (hereinafter “X100V”) in late February 2020. The X100V features a newly-developed high-performance lens on its camera body, designed with functional beauty and sophistication. It is equipped with the latest image sensor and image processing engine to deliver premium-quality images with the company’s signature color-reproduction technology. In addition the evolved version of the Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder offers inter-switchable optical and electronic options, in pursuit of the photography style of “shooting through the viewfinder.”

Fujifilm pioneered a new market segment of premium compact digital cameras in 2011 with the launch of the FUJIFILM X100, the inaugural model of the X100 Series. The X100 Series has established a distinctive market position as premium compact digital cameras. It has won great acclaim from users around the world for its sophisticated exterior design, facilitating intuitive operability, and advanced image quality based on Fujifilm’s signature color reproduction technology that has been refined over 80 years.

The X100V is the fifth-generation model of the X100 Series. While maintaining the Series’ popular design in principle, the new model uses aluminum for the top and bottom plates of the camera body, applying advanced metal processing technology. It has achieved sharp looks to the edges while keeping the surfaces smooth. The use of a tilting rear LCD monitor and dials on the top plate enables intuitive operations and gives the camera body design sophistication exuding functional beauty. A high-performance lens with ultra resolution has been newly developed for this model. The back-illuminated 26.1MP “X-Trans™ CMOS 4”*1 sensor and the “X-Processor 4” high-speed image processing engine are combined with Fujifilm’s unique color reproduction technology to produce premium-quality stills and videos in “memory colors,” i.e. vivid colors exactly as you remember. The X100V equips the Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder, the world’s only*2 viewfinder that can be switched between optical viewfinder (OVF) and electronic viewfinder (EVF). The EVF uses a newly developed organic electroluminescent (EL) panel with capability of high-resolution, high luminance, high contrast to provide enhanced immersiveness in photography shooting experience.

The X100V is a digital camera that integrates excellent design and operability, perfected with attention to detail, with functions that achieve outstanding image quality. It will give photographic pleasure and a sense of joy to own such excellent camera to a wide range of users including professional photographers and photography enthusiasts.

  • *1 X-Trans™ is a trademark or registered trademark of FUJIFILM Corporation.
  • *2 As of February 5, 2020. According to Fujifilm.

1.    Main product features

(1) Sophisticated design exuding functional beauty

This is the first X100 Series camera that uses aluminum for its top and bottom plates. Aluminum, highly shapeable metal, has been milled into shape to achieve sharp looks to the edges and fine blasting treatment produces smooth texture on the surface. The body has been further colored with alumite treatment to achieve a premium appearance.
For the first time in the X100 Series, this model features a two-way tilting rear LCD monitor that enables various shooting styles from high and low angles. The monitor’s excellent touch-response performance guarantees intuitive operability. The ultra-thin LCD monitor can be stored flush in the back panel to achieve an integral body design with a sense of style.
The X100V offers an ISO dial, built into the shutter speed dial, allowing users to check and adjust various settings without having to turn the camera on. When adjusting ISO sensitivity, users can pull the outer rim of the Built-In ISO Dial up to lock for added convenience.
The camera features a grip shaped for a comfortable hold and various buttons optimally positioned for easy operation, promising a great shooting experience.

2) Premium image quality achieved with the newly-developed high-performance lens combined with the latest image sensor and image processing engine

  • Using optical technologies developed through the industry-leading “FUJINON lenses,” including lenses for cinema cameras, Fujifilm has newly developed a bright prime lens with the focal length of 23mm (equivalent to 35mm in the 35mm film format) and the maximum aperture of F2. The lens, specifically designed for the X100V using two aspherical lens elements, delivers edge-to-edge sharpness in high resolution and high contrast.
  • The X100V uses the back-illuminated 26.1MP “X-Trans™ CMOS 4” sensor and the “X-Processor 4” high-speed image processing engine. They are combined with Fujifilm’s unique color reproduction technology, refined for over 80 years, to produce “memory colors,” i.e. vivid colors exactly as you remember.

(3) Evolved “Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder” in pursuit of the photography style of “shooting through the viewfinder”
  • The X100V features the world’s only “Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder,” allowing users to instantaneously switch between the optical viewfinder (OVF), which captures the photo subject exactly as it is, and the electronic viewfinder (EVF), which reflects exposure and other shooting conditions adjustments.
  • The EVF uses a high-resolution 3.69-million-dot organic EL panel for the first time in the X100 Series. It boasts the maximum luminous intensity of 1500 candelas and high contrast to display even intricate details in highlights and shadows, providing enhanced immersiveness in photography.
  • In the OVF mode, the viewfinder offers the Electronic Rangefinder function to display a small EVF window at the same time. The feature has been developed to bring out the maximum viewfinder potential, allowing users to capture the subject as it is while enlarging the focusing area in the small EVF. This function provides added convenience when taking snapshots.
(4) Expanded array of shooting functions
  • The use of the latest algorithm enables the camera to realize fast and accurate phase-detection AF at the minimum luminance of -5EV, which is close to pitch darkness. The performance of Face and Eye AF has also been improved. The Focus Limiter function, which limits the range of focal lengths for using AF, assists a smooth shooting experience with AF.
  • The X100V offers a total of 17 Film Simulation modes to provide versatile tonal variations. It enables a high contrast finish with three-dimensional definitions with the “CLASSIC Neg” mode, which simulates color negative film traditionally chosen for snapshots of day-to-day scenes. The “ETERNA” mode, which simulates the colors and tonality of Fujifilm’s motion picture film, allows users to record video in subdued colors and rich shadow tones.
  • The X100V also has the “Grain Effect” function for reproducing distinctive graininess seen in photographs taken with film cameras. Users can adjust size and strength settings to control the degree of grain.
  • The camera is capable of recording smooth 4K video at 30fps. In the Full-HD modes, video can be recorded at even smoother 60fps for premium video quality.
(5) Various optional accessories for expanding photographic enjoyment
  • The use of the adapter ring “AR-X100” and the protection filter “PRF-49” makes this camera dust and moisture resistant for users to enjoy shooting in light rain or dusty outdoor conditions.
  • Two conversion lenses are available to alter the camera’s focal length without compromising its optical performance or f-stop value, further broadening photographic pleasure.
    ① Wide conversion lens “WCL-X100 II”
    Mounting this conversion lens widens the focal length by 0.8x to 19mm (equivalent to 28mm in the 35mm film format), perfect for landscape photography.
    ② Tele-conversion lens “TCL-X100 II”
    Mounting this conversion lens extends the focal length by 1.4x to 33mm (equivalent to 50mm in the 35mm film format), ideal for portraiture taking advantage of a natural perspective.
  • The genuine leather case “LC-X100V” gives a premium appearance. A memory card or a battery can be replaced while the case is attached to the camera.

Fujifilm X100V
USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / Focuscamera
EU: AmazonDE / CalumetDE / WexUK / ParkcamerasUK / JessopsUK / AmazonUK / PCHstore

HOT New Fujifilm Deals: Save Up to $1,000 on GFX50R, Fujinon GF50mm f/3.5 and Fujifilm X-T3 Sell-Out for Fujifilm X-T4 Arrival

I tell you this: I am lucky I don’t live in USA, because otherwise I could hardly resist to the mega offer on the one combo in the GFX medium format system, that is totally tempting me. In fact, both, the Fujifilm GFX 50R and the Fujinon GF50mm f/3.5 are now heavily discounted.

Take note: the Fujinon GF 50mm f/3.5 is 50% off!!!!

Also, the big Fujifilm X-T3 sell-out started, and you now can get the X-T3 body or kit with a $200 discount plus a free vertical X-T3 grip (worth $329). This adds up to a $529 saving!

And in addition to that, there is a nice deal also on the Fujifilm X-T30.

Fujifilm X100V Coming Tomorrow: See What Stunning Images You Can Create with 1 Camera and 1 Lens – X100F Image Roundup

So, the Fujifilm X100V will be announced tomorrow, February 4, at 3PM New York time, during the Fujifilm X Summit at the house of photography in London.

The full specs have leaked, some images too, the X100F vs X100V comparison available on fujirumors.

So I thought I take an hour off from my busy teaching life, and go through the images shared at our 30,000 members strong Fujifilm X100 group, and pick out some to share here on FujiRumors.

And if you are still a bit afraid of reducing your gear to one camera and one lens only, then I hope the images below will show you, that the Fujifilm X100 line, despite its limitations, is actually a flexible tool, as the less you worry about gear, the more you focus on the art of photography.

This is something I notice on the X100 group. It’s in the nature of the X100 cameras (and the people owning it), to focus less on gear talk. And what should they talk about. It’s one camera, one lens, that’s it.

And today we are going to look at what the passionate X100 line shooters out there create day after day, and share at our wonderful X100 group.

I tell you… there are some real stunners down there. So scroll down and enjoy :).

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Fujifilm X100V Leaked Image Shows New 23mm f/2 MK II Lens

Nokishita just leaked the Fujifilm X100V image on their twitter page here.

Notice the new Fujinon 23mm f/2 MK II lens, which FujiRumors leaked a while back.

So far they leaked only the front. For the backside, check out the FujiRumors leaked image here (and below). That image shows the tilt screen.

The Fujfiilm X100V will be announced on February 4, during the Fujifilm X summit live stream at 3PM New York time.

FujiRumors did compare the Fujfiilm X100V with the Fujifilm X100F specs already in this article.

Top X100 Community: Fujifilm X100 facebook group

X100V or X100F - Which one looks better?

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