Download FREE FUJIFILM X Acquire Tethering Shooting Software :: Adobe Lightroom and HS-V5 Tethered Shooting Plug-in

UPDATE: Fujifilm X Acquire Features User Guide – Check it out here.

Fujifilm just updated it’s Fujifilm X Acquire free tethered shooting announcement page with the following download links

X Acquire is tethering software that allows users to connect GFX 50S to a Mac or PC via USB cable for direct transferring and saving of captured images onto the computer. Users can select file types for saving onto the memory card in the camera, and for transferring and saving onto the computer either in RAW or JPEG format. X Acquire is also compatible with tether shooting features of FUJIFILM X-T1 and FUJIFILM X-T2.

Overall, Fujifilm just updated the following software:

Lensmate Thumb Grip for Fujifilm X-T2 Available


The Lensmate Thumb Grip for Fujifilm X-T2 is now available at AmazonUS.

Is way harder to find the X-T2 in stock these days… if it continues like this, Fujifilm is going to mess up the important holiday season!


Fujifilm X-T2: USA: BHphoto / AmazonUS / Adorama / CANADA: AmazonCA / EUROPE: AmazonDE / Calumentphoto DE / AmazonUK / AmazonITA / AmazonFR / AmazonESP / PCHstore / WexUK / AUSTRALIA: CameraPro

Save $400 on Fujifilm X-T1 Cameras and Kits!

It was $300 off last time… but that’s not enough. This time Fujifilm decided to drop the price on the X-T1 further, so you now save $400 on the X-T1 body or various kit offerings. The deal expires December 24,

NOTE: BHphoto and Adorama also offer 4% reward in addition to the $400 price drop

X-T1 Black Body (save $400): BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS
X-T1 Graphite (save $400): BHphoto / AdoramaAmazonUS
X-T1 + 18-135 (save $400)BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS
X-T1 + 18-55 (save $400): BHphoto / Adorama / AmazonUS