Fujifilm X-T200 Coming Soon

I think you might have noticed, that FujiRumors unleashed the rumor storm, so definitely make sure to follow us, as this is just be beginning, and we will have fantastic weeks, with, I promise you, lots of mixed emotions ;).

Today we can finally unveil what hides behind the mysterious FF190003 camera.

It’s the Fujifilm X-T200!

  • FF190004 – Fujifilm X-T3 successor
  • FF190005 – Fujifilm X100V
  • FF190003 – Fujifilm X-T200

As we reported earlier, Fujifilm plans an announcement for February 4 (postponed from the original date in late January).

Not sure if everything will come on February 4, or if Fujifilm will split the announcements, though.

What’s sure, though, is that these are weeks, where you should not miss to read FujiRumors! :)

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As we know, Fujifilm recently registered three cameras:

  • FF190001 = X-A7
  • FF190002 = X-Pro3
  • FF190003 = ?

So still to see what the FF19003 is, but Nokishita says:

In addition to X-Pro3, Fujifilm is likely to see another model. Probably not an X-Trans machine or GFX, as it is not made by Zakuti from the model number of the wireless parts.

It’s not X-Trans, it is not made by Xacti Zakuti, which I told you already back in 2017, is now developing Fujifilm entry level line of cameras (Fujifilm outsourced entry level cameras development to save R&D).

So remains the GFX.

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