Strict Rules Can’t Stop Fujifilm X100VI Madness: Instant Sold Out in Japan, Causes Website Crashes and Order Suspension Issued

Back in early March, Fujifilm announced that the Fujifilm X100VI will be for sale in Japan starting today, March 28.

Well, today the sale started, and the Japanese Fujifilm webstore crashed due to “heavy access”.

Moroever, the first batch of X100VI cameras already sold out and hence Fujiiflm Japan issued an order suspension. Fujifilm writes:

Both “X100VI” Silver and Black have exceeded the planned number of sales, so we have temporarily suspended the acceptance of orders. I’m very sorry. We will post the future sales schedule as soon as we know.”

And all this despite Fujifilm Japan having set strict purchasing rules such as restricting sales to individuals with a purchase history at their store and limiting purchases to one unit per person/household.

Apology due to heavy access to Fujifilm official shopping site “Fujifilm Mall”

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Scalpers Possibly Grabbed 92% of Limited Edition Fujifilm X100VI Cameras in USA thanks to This Bot

A FR-reader found some clues as far as the bot goes that people used to purchase multiple Fujifilm X100VI limited edition.

The scalpers seem to indicate in their Discord server that their checkout software (bot) secured 92% of orders on day 1.

This assertion appears credible, especially considering the notifications of successful purchases visible in the Discord server. In fact, as shown by the video below, hundreds of X100VI LE units seem to have been ordered through this bot.

One guy claims that he was able to grab four X100VI LE and he was planing to snatch a 5th model (screenshot above).

Also, below I will share a video that shows which software was used and how it works.

The video shows the time stamp of when those hundreds of orders were placed (for March 21/22). As far as the order for March 23 goes, I share them as screenshot here and here.

My hope is that the time stamp will help Fujifilm to track down every single scalper, cancel their order and find a better way to distribute the X100VI LE to make sure it falls into the hands of enthusiasts and not scalpers.

300 Limited Edition Fujifilm X100VI Cameras for Sale Starting Tomorrow in USA

Fujifilm USA has decided the procedure to grab the limited edition Fujifilm X100VI in USA. It’s not a lottery like in Japan, but a regular first-come-first system. So here is how it goes.

  • 300 units available
  • 100 cameras will be sold daily from March 21st to March 23rd on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • buy here
  • sale will start March 21st at around 12pm ET in USA

If you miss out on it, you can always grab it second for 18,000 USD later on on eBay :D.

Fuji Guy Billy: “I Can See the Fujifilm X-Pro Moving into 5th Gen, but it Needs Something Special”, Talking X100VI, X-T40, Future Lenses & More

Vistek just hosted a Fujifilm X Summit After Show with Fuji Guy Billy.

They talk of course mainly about the Fujifilm X100VI, but also about other stuff, such as which lenses Fuji Guy Billy thinks Fujifilm should do in future, he talks a bit about the Fujinon XF16-50mmF2.8-4.8 (which thanks to our sources we have leaked here) and also talked about what he thinks about an eventual Fujifilm X-T30II successor (which we started leaking here) and the long awaited Fujifilm X-Pro4 (which we started leaking here).

Above you can see the whole 55 minutes video and below you get a summary:

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Message to Source Who Shared X100VI Images (and More) with Me

Message to Readers 1: I know you don’t like these posts. But I have no other way to hope to get this message out to the anonymous source (with nickname), other than making a public post.

Message to Source:

This message comes after a couple of weeks you’ve shared the rumors with me, because I wanted the X100VI buzz to settle down a bit and give this article more chances to be seen by you.

First off thanks. Thanks for sharing. Not only the images of X100VI, but also the rest.

In total you have shared 3 rumors, and only two of them made it online before the X100VI announcement. So I’d like to explain what happened on my side:

February 19 evening Italian Time (my time zone):

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