Samyang 75mm f/1.8 AF Hands-On Images

While the Samyang 75mm f/1.8 AF will only be officially announced on February 28, Samyang is already displaying a sample of the lens at the CP+.

Luckily a FR-reader present at CP+ grabbed some images of the lens and sent them to us. You can see all images below.

It will be Samyang’s second autofocus X mount lens after the Samyang 12mm f/2 AF.

Fujifilm X-H2 Will Also Get Camera to Cloud Integration with New Firmware in Spring 2023

Fujifilm has announced that it will add native Adobe also to the Fujifilm X-H2 (in addition to the already announced support for the Fujifilm X-H2S).

Both cameras will get a firmware update in Spring 2023.

In order to work, you’ll need to have the Fujifilm FT-XH File Transmitter grip.

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DPRTV Declares Fujifilm GFX100S Best Camera for Landscape Photography

Which are the best cameras for landscape photography?

DPRTV looks at three different price points and makes its recommendations.

There is also a Fujifilm camera among the winners, the Fujifilm GFX100S, in the “money is no object” category.

DPRTV says:

There is no disputing that the Fujifilm GFX medium format cameras are the best option for landscape. Our choice is the Fujifilm GFX100S. What is not to love: you get that amazing 100MP sensor clearly well suited for landscape photography. We also prefer the GFX100S body over the GFX100 because it is more compact. You get nice ergonomics. The Fuji style tilt screen is certainly nice for landscape when you are at awkward angles and it is just easier to travel with.

Fujifilm also has an excellent line of lenses, including the GF20-35mmF4, which is very rare in medium format to have an ultra wide range like that and it’s also a very sharp lens.

It has IBIS and it’s very effective.

If you need more megapixel, you can shoot in multi-shot and get 400MP images.

There is simply no better pick for landscape photography than the Fujifilm GFX100S, if money is no object.

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