LAST HOURS to Save on Capture One Pro 12 with Code OCT-AF-P89 (ends 7 PM New York Time)

Capture One Pro Deal

There are two Capture One Pro deals, that are going to expire today at 7PM New York time (midnight in Berlin).

The FujiRumors coupon code (OCT-AF-P89) will expire today, October 31, at 7PM New York time.

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*The products that will include the free Capture One Pro 20 upgrade are:

It Get’s Even Better: Current Capture One Pro 12 User can Save 30% on Capture One Pro 20 Upgrade

Capture One is offering a 20% discount to all existing Capture One Pro 12 customers, who pre-order Capture One Pro 20.

And to make the good news even better, I have been informed by FR-readers that our exclusive 10% discount code (OCT-AF-P89) works in addition to the 20% discount! The reader wrote:

I got email from capture one to upgrade from 12 to 20, with 20% discount. What is best currently your 10% code works as well reducing even further. So for example I bought upgrade to PRO (previously had only fuji paid version) and it cost me 107£ with all discounts. While currently upgrade only to 12 pro would cost me 170£.

Now, the 20% + 10% deal combo is nothing Capture One officially told me, but it works, as you can see from the screenshot below.

Keep in mind that our exclusive 10% discount code OCT-AF-P89 expires on October 31, so only until then you save 30%. After that, you’ll save “only” 20%.

save 30% thanks to upgrade deal + coupon code

Capture One 20 Pre-Order: Buy Capture One 12 Now (with 10% Discount) and Get Free Upgrade to Capture One Pro 20

As you can see above, FujiRumors is now editing all his images in Capture One Pro 12… and Soon Capture One Pro 20 :)

Capture One Pro 20

Phase One has just launched their pre-order campaign for Capture One 20.

Starting from today, everyone who purchases Capture One Pro 12 (including bundles, upgrades and new sales) will get a free upgrade to Capture One 20!

The offer will be valid until Capture One 20 is officially released.

Also, only until October 31, you get 10% discount on Capture One Pro 12 by using code OCT-AF-P89 at checkout.

The products that will include the free Capture One Pro 20 upgrade are:

As you can see from the image above, I have now switched to Capture One and left Lightroom forever. If you want to read my quick switch story, read “It Was Inevitable: I am Leaving Lightroom for Capture One Pro“.