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Sony A6300 Vs. Fuji X-Pro2 :: Should Fujifilm Fear Sony’s new APS-C flagship?



Fujifilm X-Pro2
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No Backlit sensor, not more than 24MP, and not even IBIS… no, it’s not the Fujifilm X-Pro2, but the long awaited successor of Sony’s best selling mirrorless camera (Sony A6000)… the Sony A6300!

Opinion Piece: I never hold an X-Pro2 or A6300 in my hands… and my local store is not the fastest to get new stuff

Evolution (no Revolution)

Don’t get me wrong: the Sony A6300 is a very nice camera (on paper… the look is… well, if you like it, it’s ok). No revolution over the A6000, but a nice evolution (just like the X-Pro2 is an evolution of the X-Pro1).


The most noticable difference compared to the Sony A6000 is for sure the wide Phase Detection area that covers the entire sensor. This promises a great AF-performance (at least in good light conditions). And I’m sure it will perform great. Sony just makes great sensors… that’s why Fuji buys them from Sony ;) .

But here is the thing: I hear of a vastly improved Contrast (& Phase Detection) AF also on the X-Pro2. Sources confirm that the X-Pro2 can “see in the dark” and the first reviews seem to confirm what my sources say. Let’s see if the Sony A6300 can match (or even beat) this amazing Low Light Performance.

Also, with all these AF-points, the X-Pro2 joystick for quick AF-point selection is a very welcome addition… and this is missing on the A6300. Fast AF-point selection could be a rather cumbersome thing on the A6300. But as said… I never had the A6300 (or X-Pro2) in my hands, so I’ll wait go for my local dealer to have them at the store to compare them.

Image Quality

Regarding the Image Quality, I doubt the Sony A6300 will beat (or even equal) the X-TransIII X-Pro2 (focus-numerique tests say that the X-Pro2 X-TransIII is as good as Full Frame Sony A7II at ISO 6400). But we obviously have to wait for more A6300 reviews, before we can make any conclusions. Maybe it will even beat the X-Pro2… who knows. We need reviews, samples and comparisons. It’s too early now. For sure both cameras will deliver more or less great images, depending on the lens you attach on it.


Videographers will for sure be happy about 4K, but probably even more about the S-Log in the A6300. And while eoshd says here, that the video quality of the Fujifilm X-Pro2 is “seriously impressive & enormously satisfying“, it has neither S-Log nor 4K. So if Video is your thing, the Sony A6300 wins hands down.


Oh… and never forget, when we talk about Fujifilm, we always should keep in mind the great glass we X-shooters have. I don’t know if Sony’s APS-C lenses are on a par with Fuji’s lineup… for sure Sony’s glass is not superior, nor it has a wider range of available lenses. At the end of the story, everyone should just look at the lenses available for both systems, and decide which one fits better to his needs. So no winner here… even though I think that Fujinon glass is hard to beat.


Now that’s the best argument to go for the Sony A6300 over the X-Pro2.

So what?

In my eyes and for my needs, the only advantage I see for the A6300 is AF… in theory. But if the X-Pro2 AF is really as good as all the reviewer (and my sources) say, then I can’t see myself ditching the great Fujinon Glass, the vintage design, the timeless “analog-alike” controls and Fuji’s Kaizen spirit for the Sony.

But I’m a fanboy.. so feel free to drop your thoughts in the comments down below. ;)

stay tuned,
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