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RUMOR UPDATE: Faster AF for the 2nd generation XF35mm!


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the XF35mm is still out of stock in USA, after the latest lens deal, which ended Apirl 8th

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A new source contacted me via rumor box. It gave itself a nickname, so that I can recognise it in future.

This source told me two things. First: it confirms that Fuji plans to update the 35mm lens previously rumored by a source who was right in the past here. It says that:

1)the 35mm is going to be rereleased however don’t expect huge changes this is going to be more of an update of the same lens (AF motor as far as I know) to bring it up to standard of the [shoplink 21554]56mm[/shoplink] and [shoplink 16128]23mm[/shoplink]. “

No word about weather sealing.

The second rumor? I can not share it at the moment, because the new source said:

2)Please confirm it with your other sources first as marketing department might change the plans“.

And that is what I did last night. I’ve contacted my sources and asked them to check it.

As the new source wrote me via rumor box, I can not contact it. I just wanted to let the source know: thanks for sharing, and I’m doing my homework right now ;-).

Dear readers, please understand that I can not share it now. I’m 100% loyal to my sources and, if they want me to check it before sharing, I will do it. It’s fundamental to build up a relationship of 100% trust with them.

And I also understand why this new source asked me to be careful with the information. In fact, one of the big problems when you’re writing about Fujifilm rumors, is that the company changes plans pretty often, as they constantly look at the market and feedback from photographers.

Therefore, if I check back in the past, I see rumors that were correct at the time of sharing, but afterwards Fuji did some changes and I had to update the rumor in order to keep you up to date with Fuji’s latest plans.

That said, the Japanese source already promised me a feedback about the second rumor ASAP ;-).

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