RUMOR: Sigma to announce X-mount lenses at photokina? (anonymous source)


 photo sigma_zpsaa7ab9db.jpg

The Sigma 50mm f/1.4: almost the IQ of the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 for ¼ of the price!

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anonymous source = take it with a grain of salt

Zeiss did it, Samyang did it… and Sigma could do it in the next months, according to an anonymous source: at photokina 2014 Sigma could announce the first lenses for Fuji X-mount.

Did the success of the X-E2 and the X-T1 convince Sigma to jump on the X-boat? Let’s hope so!

Imagine how well a lens like the Sigma 50 f/1.4 could perform in combination with Fuji’s unique X-Trans sensor! I’m sure you’ve read of the unbelievable test results of the Sigma 50 f/1.4 that almost matches the Zeiss Otus 55 1.4 performance for ¼ of the price!!!

My radar is finely tuned on this rumor. Will update you as soon as I hear something more reliable about it. In the meantime, take it with a grain of salt and let’s cross fingers.

If the rumor is correct, could the cooperation Sigma/Fuji be more successful than the Zeiss/Fuji one? In fact the Zeiss Touit 12mm 2.8 and 32mm 1.8 didn’t sell well at all (available now for a much cheaper price than at their launch), as photographers prefer the Fujinon XF 14mm and XF 35mm.

HamburgCam said via twitter, that, in order to be successfull Sigma lenses would have to be cheaper to have a chance! Fuji’s XF lenses have such high IQ already!”

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  • Brad

    The zeiss lenses focal lengths came close to available Fuji lenses, lagged behind in supporting Fuji features and did not significantly improve image quality at a higher price. Not surprising that that have not sold as well as zeiss hoped.

    The focal lengths made much more sense in the nex versions as they fill obvious gaps in that range.

    I hope that sigma find focal lengths that fill gaps rather than just try and ape the Fuji range of lenses.

    • studio1972

      Yes, Sigma would be a different matter I think. How about a cheaper alternative to the 56mm, and some fast primes at 90, 135 and 200mm

    • Yes… I’ve never understood why Zeiss released those lenses…

  • DanS

    “I’m sure you’ve read of the unbelievable test results…” No. Please share the link.

  • I would love this to be true, I have the Sigma 120-300 f2.8 for my canon kit, which is a stellar lens. It would great to have something like the new Sigma Art lenses for my X-E2 that were a bit cheaper than the Fuji ones!

  • I’ve really liked the little experience I’ve had from Sigma. :) I had a Sigma 8-16mm super wide angle lens for my old Nikon kit. Really good quality, both optically and mechanically. A step above many of my budget’y Nikon lenses. And now Sigma has really stepped up their game with their new line of “Art” lenses, etc. They just seem to keep getting better, while their prices remain fairly low.

    I’d probably consider Sigma on the Fuji X line at least as useful as having Zeiss there especially since they’ve often enjoyed exploring new ground in terms of focal ranges while Zeiss seems to be more about “perfecting the classics”, work I’m personally not in desperate need of, with Fuji X lenses already being very good.

  • photographycs

    If, then Sigma will release the DN lenses, I think. Else it will be like Samyang, even Samyang doesn’t have mirrorless lenses, just the lens for the SLRs with a builtin adapter to get the flange distance right. For me, this is nothing to think about of buying it.

    • Nope, samyang has a couple of native mirrorless lenses. Like the new 12mm or the 8mm/2.8 fisheye.

      • MJr

        “Also release them for Sony E-mount”

        Funny thing is, like the guy said, Sigma already has the DN lenses which already are native mirrorless lenses in E-mount … more likely they would ‘also’ release them in Fuji X mount .. “While at it”. ;-)

        • Yep, you are right of course. I dimly recall a Fuji statement that they were not afraid of 3rd party lens manufacturers stealing their profit because of the proprietary Mount and AF. So I guess it depends on the negotiations. Maybe they will allow it if Fuji starts another line of FF lenses. ;-)

  • john

    i wish for a Sigma 18-35mm f1.4 for Fuji X-mount lens. That would be great.

    • john

      opps, typo error. should be a 18-35mm f1.8 lens.

    • Mohd Pazli

      i’m in the same boat.. that the only lens that fuji REALLY needed right now

    • ken j

      16-24 1.8 please..

  • If Sigma can produce cheaper versions of some Fuji primes, that’d be pretty cool. Would like to see a compact 23mm f1.8 or f2.0. (Yes, I know getting a X100S is an option, but I’d rather have a lens).

    Also, longer primes would make me very happy. 85/90mm f2.0 ish

    • Get the X100s anyway, that’ll make you two cameras, which is super handy!

    • Noel

      Fuji 90mm f2 its on its way check roadmap

  • nwcs

    Makes perfect sense. They said they were waiting to see how Fuji performed. As Fuji puts out better products that sell (hope that trend continues) it makes the market more compelling for third parties. I just hope Fuji licenses the mount to them so the Sigma lenses won’t be subject to the same kind of issues they face on Nikon periodically.

    My hoped for lenses from Sigma: 90mm 1:1 macro, 400 f5.6 telephoto prime, 300 f4 prime, and a nice compact (within reason) 70-300 f4-5.6 zoom.

    • FujiFan

      +1 for the 90mm 1:1 macro (as much as I like the XF 60mm, it drives me nuts that it lacks 1:1. Sure we can use Raynox or whatever and I have gone that route, but it’s a PAIN and just more gear to carry and set up for a simple macro shot if you are in the field.).

      I also really really want the X version of 50mm 1.4. I have seen photos taken by real people (instead of reviewers — not that they are not “real”), and they are SHARP with incredible details and dreamy bokeh. If I haven’t already bought into the Fuji system, I would be very tempted to get a Canikon just so I can use that lens.

      Let’s keep dreaming (and hopefully it’s not a dream)!

  • Mike

    If Sigma will bring out lenses for Fuji, they will probably only adapt their current mirrorless line up based on the DP-line glass: 19mm, 30mm and 50mm all F2.8. The first two are actually very good glass, I didn’t have the chance to play with the 50mm so far. And best of all: all three retail for under $200 ;-)

    Probably not the choices everyone hopes for, but small, good and cheap ;-)

  • jg

    If the new Sigmas are mirrorless sized lenses that are substantially different from Fujifilm’s offerings (a macro in the 75mm to 90mm range for example), then they will have a buyer in me. If the new Sigmas are existing DSLR lenses adapted to mirrorless or duplicative of the Fujifilm offerings, then no sale for me.

    • Plextor

      A 90~120 mm macro 1:1 for me too :-)

  • MJr

    Probably ‘just’ the 19, 30 and 60mm F2.8 DN lenses:

    You forgot about those Patrick? Or are you just spicing it up a little. ;)

    It was only a matter of time after MFT and Sony E-Mount, why not Fuji. Weird thing that it has to take this long. Maybe they needed some time to (decide to) add an Aperture ring. :)

  • Mr_Electability

    Are there any *Fuji* rumors for Photokina?

  • Starre70

    I really liked my Sigma 35/1.4 art with Nikon mount. Would love to have Art lenses with x-mount!

  • Joseph

    I hope this is true! Sigma shafted me on their FB when i asked them :(

  • Jaytee1o4

    Please let this happen

  • 3bc

    If Sigma could make a smaller version of their 35mm 1.4 lens and retain most of the quality, sign me up. Or better yet, a 23mm 1.4 that provides the same IQ/perspective I got when i used the 35mm 1.4 w/my old Canon 6D. The IQ of that lens is far above and beyond that of any Fuji XF lens I have, (x100s, 14, 35 and 55-200). The Sigma was also $900 US and huge and heavy, which I don’t miss, but the IQ was definitely better than the x100s, and all of my L glass when I had it.

  • Derf

    “The Sigma 50mm f/1.4: the IQ of the Zeiss Otus 55mm f/1.4 for ¼ of the price!”

    Patrick… this is not an accurate claim. The Sigma is not an Otus Quality lens.

    From the files I have seen it has longitudinal Color Aberration problems.

    What is worse is that the problem is very close to the focal plane.

    Here is a good example of the problem

    The LoCA false colors can be clearly seen in the black and white pattern of the dress. Purple shift in the dress where it is just infront of the focal plane and a greenish shift where the dress is just behind. There is also a distinct green fringe
    there the dress meets the background.

    The Zeiss is a true Apochromat and does not produce these false colors.

    There is a rush to call the Sigma an Otus equivalent. This is driven by Sigmas comments and has been blindly peddled by the net…… not good.

    • ken j

      The pink is reflection from bikini and green from the leaves, no?

  • It is probably those sigma mirrorless lens for e mount and m43

  • Nico

    Sorry to kill your dream, but is not on Sigma plan now. I’ve a good friend work for Sigma office in Tokyo (near Tokyo), and always i ask “when Sigma will do lens for X-series?” the answer is really clear “for the moment, never….”

  • philiptieu

    So it’s Sigma’s 50 1.4 at $949.00 vs Fuji’s 56 1.2 at $999.00… I’ll gladly pay that $50 difference for a faster lens with guaranteed compatibility. Am I the only one missing the point here?

  • Serge S Frolov

    Honestly don’t care about 50 f1.4,
    What I would love to see is stuff that is missing in the Fuji line up, like 105mm f2.8 Macro and 4.5mm f2.8 Fisheye with autofocus and smaller size than DSLR versions.

  • nico

    Again from my friend who work in Sigma HQ in Kanagawa is a wrong rumor. Nothing for Fuji in Sigma for now.

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