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RUMOR: Fujifilm plans a Super Fast F/1.0 lens! (New Source)


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First take the Grain of Salt… and then you can start dreaming ;)

According to a New Source, Fujifilm is working on a Super Fast XF lens, that will have a widest opening of F1.0. The source says that the specs are not final until now, but the focal length planed at the moment is around 30mm.

Consider that it looks like we are in the early stages of development of this lens, so there might be some changes in the specs (if this rumor is true at all… remember, grain of salt)

The fastest XF lens available until now is the 56mmF1.2 (now $150 off!), which delivers sharp results all over the frame even at its maximum aperture. So Fujifilm has definitely the know-how and potential to design a lens that delivers astonishing results even at F/1.0.

What would be your ideal focal length for such an über-fast F1.0 lens?

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