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RUMOR :: Fuji X100T Successor still with 23mm lens! (SRP)



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In the past I’ve shared an anonymous rumor, which said that the X100T successor will have a 18.5mm lens (28 equiv.). Well, I have to correct that now, since, according to a source right in the past, the X100T successor will still have a 23mm (35mm equiv.) lens.

And looking at the Poll results, that’s a good news for most out there.

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But does this mean it will be the same lens of the X100, X100S and X100T? I don’t think so. While the X100T successor will keep the classic 23mm focal length, a SRP told us here that Fuji is designing a new lens. And considering that the camera will very likely feature the new X-TransIII sensor (rumor here), it makes perfectly sense to me… new sensor – new lens.

That’s if for now… stay tuned for more rumors :-)

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