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RUMOR: Fuji will launch a new XF 35mm f/1.4 lens (SRP = source was right in the past)!


 photo 35_zps872a70d8.png

the “old” XF 35mm: still out of stock after the high demand at the X-deals of February-April

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First off: this rumor comes from a source, who was right in the past (SRP). If it is correct also this time, it will enter the elite team of trusted sources… until then, take it with a grain of salt!

The source told me that Fuji will launch a new 35mm f/1.4 lens. I do not know when it will be launched nor which improvements we can expect, but, as you may guess, I’m restlessly working on it even now on my lunch break from my day job (see facebook ;-) ). Once back at home this evening I’ll contact some sources and I hope to be able to give you an update soon.

Any help is highly appreciated and could make my work here a lot easier. You know how to contact me (via rumor box = anonymous (you can use a nickname so that I can recognize you in future) / via email at fujirumor [at]

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