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[UPDATE: fixed by this weekend?]Problems with the video function: X-PRO1 firmware ver. 3.00 no longer available


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[UPDATE] FR-reader Justin dropped me this email: “Hello Patrick, I happened to be talking to Fuji UK this morning (Thursday), and they said that Fuji hoped to have the amended firmware available “by the end of the weekend“.

The latest firmware for the X-PRO1 has a problem with the movie function and therefore Fujifilm had to remove the latest update from its support site (the X-E1 firmware version 2.00 is still available). On their website Fuji says:

Thank you very much for using FUJIFILM X-Pro1.

We are very sorry that we have found a malfunction on the movie function in the upgraded firmware version 3.00 posted on 23 Jul 2013. We are improving the firmware and we will post it again once we complete the improvement. We deeply apologize for your inconvenience which this may cause.

Please contact your local support center if you have already upgraded your X-Pro1 with the version 3.00.

To read the full Fujifilm’s notice of Firmware Version 3.00 for the X-PRO1 click here.

Thanks to those FR-reader who linked me to this discussion at the dchome forum (translation)

image courtesy: dchome

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