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A Plea to Fuji :: X-Pro2 Survives Hard Crash :: That Fujinon XF 35mmF1.4 Magic in Other Fuji Lenses? ** Top FXF Threads & Images


Image by Xing

Tibet 2015 shared by Xing


shared by Robert de Bock X-Pro2 fell really hard, although scratched, x-pro2 is doing fine!

shared by Woodworth A plea to Fuji …

shared by petergabriel That 35mm f1.4 magic in other Fujinon lenses?

shared by Patrick FR Fujifilm Will Announce a “Never Rumored Before” X-series Camera in 2016!

shared by milandro Petzval 58mm Bokeh Control( adapted to Fuji?)

shared by synthesaur X-T2: Is it just me or the lowish light files are too noisy?

shared by Sarawak L Bracket for X-T2???

shared by Filip Hermelin Owning both 18-55 and 35 f/2

shared by Tom H. Video editing recommendations

shared by dv. Samyang/Rokinon 300mm f6.3 mirror lens

shared by bjorke 23mm f2 – on backorder from the pre-order?

shared by NPR S-Speed not displayed in Aperture Priority

shared by Haswell Billingham bag – Musty smell.

shared by Sator-Photography GFX 50S: Autofocus Points????

shared by entropic remnants How about the Nissin i40 with the new X-Pro2 firmware 2.0?

Streetphotography (open thread) shared by Cornelson

Image by Cornelson

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Night photography shared by Paul Crespel

Image by Paul Crespel

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Streetphotography (open thread) shared by HendrikOsula

Image by HendrikOsula

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My icelandic trip with my fuji x-pro2 shared by darkshine231

Image by darkshine231

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Streetphotography (open thread) shared by ChinaGuy

Image by ChinaGuy

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Cityscapes with Fujifilm X shared by Koos de Wit

Image by Koos de Wit

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Streetphotography (open thread) shared by clapotron

Image by clapotron

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Fuji IR shared by Russ

Image by Russ

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Rio de Janeiro Olympics with Fujifilm shared by HendrikOsula

Image by HendrikOsula

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[Concert] Joey Starr et Caribbean Danddy shared by ERWANRAPHALEN


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landscapes with fuji x shared by HendrikOsula

Image by HendrikOsula

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black and white (open thread) shared by Stockografie

Image by Stockografie

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black and white (open thread) shared by Trenton Talbot

Image by Trenton Talbot

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Samyang 12mm F2.0 NCS CS X Mount shared by dv.

Image by dv.

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Fuji Flowers shared by Enzio

Image by Enzio

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landscapes with fuji x shared by ericrp

Image by ericrp

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Sunsets (Open Thread) shared by andrewlee

Image by andrewlee

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Fujifilm instax Sp1 for traveling shared by vicmay

Image by vicmay

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People — Anything about People (Open Thread) shared by Warwick

Image by Warwick