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photographyblog XF 55-200 review


Fuji XF 55-200mm: [shopcountry 12892]

It’s online, the full photographyblog XF55-200 review. They assigned 4 out of five stars and recommend this lens. Check out the whole text and the samples here. Some extracts:

“[…] very quiet linear motor. In practice, we found the auto-focus to be fairly fast, pleasingly quiet and without too much hunting in low-light. Thanks to the IF mechanism the front of the lens does not rotate on focus, which is very good news for anyone looking to use the lens in conjunction with a polariser or graduated neutral density filter. […]  pleasing bokeh […] offering an appealing combination of good image quality, excellent construction and handling, and fair value for money. Both centre and edge sharpness drop off as you progress through the zoom range, though, requiring the user to stop down the lens to get the best results. […] very good images, especially at the wider end of the focal range.”