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Part two of the X PRO review at Luminous Landscape. And EosHD now likes the camera.


Nick Devlin posted the second part of his X PRO 1 review at Luminous Landscape (Click here): “This camera can see in the dark. Its performance up to ISO 6400 is nothing short of remarkable, in particular for an APS-C sensor. This is the first camera I have used where ISO is just not an issue.” He really fell in love with the image quality and hybrid viewfinder but also found some flaws like the not so top performer 18mm lens and the usual slow autofocus.

But you absolutely have to read the full article. There are so many interesting points!

Meanwhile Andrew from EosHD (Click here) is now slowly changing his mind about the X PRo 1: “In my first look I was rather taken aback by the eccentricities of the camera and just could not work out what it offered over the cheaper NEX 7. Now in a surprised double-take, I am beginning to believe it is actually the best mirrorless on the market for stills.

Good to hear that :)