Rumor Update X100 replacement: new name and new sensor


Fuji CES invite

Ok. I already told you of the imminent replacement of the X-100, as written in an article at f11.

According to rumors from trusted sources I recently got, I can confirm that there will be an X100 replacement with X-Trans sensor.


The X100 replacement will not have the name X200. And everything will be better! Better AF, better hybrid viewfinder, better operating speed… and the same sensor of the X-PRO1! It took me some time to check it, but now I can say that the lens will remain the 23mm f/2.

That’s all for now! I don’t know the name of this camera, but maybe you could make some guess in the comments.

ONE MORE THING: As you can see from the invitation-image (source petapixel) there will be an announcement at January 7. Fujirumors will follow this event step by step. So stay tuned, I’ll continuously update my site to keep you up to date.

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unreliable autofocus with the XF-18mm


In our “Fuji future improvements wish list poll” the option “faster autofocus” reached the second place. Although firmware updates improved the autofocus, and the 18-55mm lens with the new linear motor focuses definitely faster than previous lenses, many users are still not satisfied with the autofocus performance.

This video concerns the XF-18mm lens (click here): “The X-E1 has problems locking focus in low light. But when it does, it is simply unreliable. Look at the distance scale as the camera locks and confirms the focus to different distances while the actual distance hasn’t changed.

Our reader Sagi sent me this video. In his mail he wrote: “At first the X-E1 can’t lock the focus at all. At the same point, the Oly OMD (click here) locks times after time and fast… then I moved the focus point to a more contrasty area where the XE1 did managed to lock focus but not all the time… Notice that when it does lock, it locks each time to a different distance. This makes the auto-focus very unreliable… It doesn’t happen all the time, it seems to happen more often when using a wide open aperture and in high ISO… In most cases these little misses do not affect the outcome or at least it’s not that noticeable as the DOF covers it. But I do get inaccurate focus in real life situation.

So, problems to lock the focus, troubles in low light and backlit situations, speed… These are issues that emerge in some reviews I’ve read and are frustrating for X-photographers.

Thanks Sagi (website)… now the debate in the comments is open.