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cheap body without X-Trans sensor and new lenses to come?


I’ve passed a lot of time yesterday/today chatting and writing emails… and now I can give you an update about the mysterious non-X-Trans camera.

Trusted sources told me that the camera without X-Trans sensor will be very cheap and sold together with one or two new lenses (one of these lenses could be a 16-50 or 16-55 zoom lens)… could this be the camera that another new source told me would cost $550 body+lens? (trusted sources could not confirm the price of $550)

I’m sure you want to know what sensor it could have… I’ve no idea. But if I should place a bet, then I would agree with Per K, who in the comments to the previous rumor said it could be the APS-C sensor of the X100… but it’s only a supposition.

If the sources are right, with these new entry-level cameras (X-Trans and non-X-Trans), Fuji could soon offer to every customer the camera tailored to his needs, from high-end (X-PRO1 + great lenses) to entry-level (X-whatever ;) + cheaper lenses). As I’ve read somewhere in the web (can’t remember where): “Fuji colours for everyone”.

stay tuned