cheap body without X-Trans sensor and new lenses to come?


I’ve passed a lot of time yesterday/today chatting and writing emails… and now I can give you an update about the mysterious non-X-Trans camera.

Trusted sources told me that the camera without X-Trans sensor will be very cheap and sold together with one or two new lenses (one of these lenses could be a 16-50 or 16-55 zoom lens)… could this be the camera that another new source told me would cost $550 body+lens? (trusted sources could not confirm the price of $550)

I’m sure you want to know what sensor it could have… I’ve no idea. But if I should place a bet, then I would agree with Per K, who in the comments to the previous rumor said it could be the APS-C sensor of the X100… but it’s only a supposition.

If the sources are right, with these new entry-level cameras (X-Trans and non-X-Trans), Fuji could soon offer to every customer the camera tailored to his needs, from high-end (X-PRO1 + great lenses) to entry-level (X-whatever ;) + cheaper lenses). As I’ve read somewhere in the web (can’t remember where): “Fuji colours for everyone”.

stay tuned

  • Gaffman

    I can’t see the point behind bringing back the old sensor. That would put it behind Sony and Olympus on pixels. You and I know that pixels aren’t the whole story but in the ‘entry’ market, big numbers look good on paper (except price naturally)

    If you take the EVF, exp comp dial and heck even the shutter dial off the X-E1 you’ll get a pretty simple X camera. But without an intelligent auto or face detect, wifi, etc… Will the market want this camera?

    • Lucas Mall

      The point is just cheapness. And stepping stones.

      This supports the market for Fuji lenses —-> supports our pro needs.


      • MJr

        If the point is cheapness, that doesn’t mean there doesn’t have to be anything appealing. With all the best features gone, there should at least be a modern sensor in it. I don’t think they’ll use the x100 sensor again. Sure it’s a great sensor that will keep many x100 users happy for a long time, but a brand new camera needs something more up to date. Also, the x100 sensor is actually unique as the corners had been optimized for the 23mm lens specifically, not just the software, at least so says marketing. Seemed to do the job so i guess it’s true … :)

  • Ryan

    I think them put out anything but high IQ glass would be a major mistake. A low end 16-50 or 55 would not be cool.
    A high end 16-70(24-105) 3.5-4.5 with the same size as the 18-55 2.8-F4 would be.

    • Dima


    • Peter


      I would buy a Fuji X camera in a heartbeat if a quality 16-70 was available. A quality 16-50 would probably sway me as well.

      Low-end 16-50? Sorry, can’t be bothered, might as well buy a Sony NEX-3N with its 16-50 kit lens.

      • Adrian

        There’s a high quality 18-55, does that not float your boat? Are the extra 2mm THAT important?

        • JimB

          On the low side, 2mm could be very important to landscape type photographers. It means you get a nice and wide angle 24mm equivalent vs a not very wide 27mm equivalent lens. For wide angle folks, that could mean not having to buy a wide angle prime lens. The more lenses the merrier and the more lenses the better the sales for Fuji X cameras, in which I am now heavily invested. That said, Fujinon should not ever compromise on lens speed and accuracy, because great lenses is a reputation they must always keep in order to stay in the mirrorless market.

  • Dean


    I’m guessing a smaller, viewfinder-less version of an X-E1. Basically, the X-Trans version of the popular Panasonic or Olympus micro four thirds cameras.

    If interested, my reasoning can be found here.

  • Mike

    I don’t think Fuji will bring back the X100 sensor. Not because it’s only 12 Mpix, but because it’s probably currently more expensive than the 16 or 24 Mpix Sony sensors. Everything comes down to economies of scale and that old sensor is probably made only in limited numbers if it’s still made at all. There are no other cameras apart from Nikon’s D300s and D90 that still use the sensor AFAIK and the two Nikons are probably already produced and just clearing stock…

    As for the lenses, if Fuji really releases an ultra cheap kit I think they will bundle the camera with the already previewed 28mm pancake. Due to FL and relatively slow aperture it’s probably one of the cheapest lenses to make. Look at Canon’s FF-equivalent, the 40mm F2.8, it’s like $200 or something. Even if the Fuji has an aperture ring and is made of metal or very high quality plastic it shouldn’t cost much more than that and would lend itself superbly for the entry level kit! Its diminutive size not whitstanding.

    And for the world, I can’t understand a 16-50mm zoom. If it’s low quality it doesn’t go along Fuji’s premium marketing strategy that sets it apart from all the other MLC-competitors. If it’s high quality why would they bring a competitor/replacement to the 18-55mm only after a couple of months after its release? Besides, either way this would be a marketing desaster. Either get a slow, low IQ lens with a far more attractive FL range or get a better lens but with an as boring FL range as it gets! Or if it’s high quality: one word to all our customers who just shelled out almost $700 for our first zoom – LOOSERS. Now, that’s really enhancing customer satisfaction and inspiring confidence…

    I really hope something got lost in translation with this rumor.

    • MJr

      Good point on the sensor cost.

      16-50 just sounds made-up if you ask me, if only because the last thing Fuji would want to be is more like Sony. (Fuji does their own thing.) While the first rule of fake rumors is to put people off with competing brand references. So what sounds more likely. ;)

  • Jim

    A Fujifilm rep told me a week ago that the pancake would have IQ as good the other primes and would be priced similarly. To me that is good news, because I want a 40mm equivelant lens that is as good as my old 40mm Summicron was. Fuji has the ability to make a pancake that good. What a great everyday lens that would be!

    • ph

      Yes, looking forward to that lens. I hope the IQ will be up to fuji standards, but expect the price to be significantly lower than the 18mm and the 35mm.

  • Ed

    I want a full frame fuji with more megapixels for better detail color contrast andbdynamic range. Until rhey go 20mega pixels plus they do not meet my needs for high quality landscape shots. To their credit i love the x pro 1 and ex1 bodies and their aspherical lenses are the best value performance lenses out there. But it is time to go full frame….

    • JimB

      I think I am getting near full frame quality with this X-Trans sensor out of my X-e1 and the camera doesn’t have to fill half of my knapsack when I go hiking for a great landscape opportunity. That is worth a lot to me. I think 18-19 megapixels might be better for the X-Pro1 and the X-e1, but Fuji would have to make sure they haven’t compromised sensor accuracy with smaller photon sensor size by doing that. We are getting pretty close to maximum IQ at 16.3 megapixel and I don’t think these lenses can be easily adapted to full-frame either, I says

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