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No 1″ Sensor Cameras for Fujifilm: “Market is Overcrowded”



Fujifilm X30… the last of its kind, as reported also by our Japanese source

Fujifilm 1″ sensor

I still get many questions about if Fujifilm will release an X30 successor with 1″ sensor.

Fuji Guy Billy already answered this question in a great TCSTV Fujifilm-centric live stream (as I reported quickly here), but I think it’s better to dedicate it an own article, to make sure nobody misses it (and I don’t get questions anymore via email ;) )

Billy was only active in the comments to the TCSTV live stream, so we can’t read his statements now… but since I was one of those guys commenting on the live stream, I could read his chat.

When somebody in the comments asked about Fujifilm offering a 1″ sensor camera, Fuji Guy Billy answered that “the 1″ market is overcrowded“.

So that does not really give us much space for hope, although an X40 with 1” sensor would have been nice I think, and could have competed with all the Sony RX100’s out there.

The TCSTV Fujifilm live stream is very interesting and includes even topics like the XF33mmF1.0.

Oh, and btw, if you ever wondered how a Fuji Guys reacts, when he discovers FujiRumors is listening, then check out min 13:23 of the video ;)