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Nissin i40, i60A, Di700A and Air 1 Commander HSS Firmware Update for Fujifilm Cameras Support (Official USA Announcement)


If you read FujiRumors regulary, you will already have know it:

  • Nissin Japan Launches High-Speed Sync Firmware Update for Fujifilm of Di700A and Nissin Air 1 Commander – read here
  • Nissin i60 and Nissin i40 High Speed ​​Sync Firmware Update for Fujifilm Cameras Available – read here

I previously also showed you how a Nissin box with Fujifilm firmware looks like, check it out here, and that devices without Fujifilm firmware can be updated, but you have to send it. Here is the PDF for Nissin Repair.

Well, now we finally have one announcement made by Nissin USA, that basically makes a recap of everything you could already read on FujiRumors:


HSS Update Now Available in USA for Nissin Fujifilm Compatible Products.

The long-awaited Fujifilm High Speed Synchronization (HSS) updates for Nissin branded Fujifilm compatible products are now available in the USA. The models which are affected by this update include:

Nissin i40-FJ Nissin i40 for Fujifilm Cameras
Nissin i60 for Fujifilm Cameras
Nissin Di 700 A-FJ Nissin Di700A for Fujifilm Cameras
Nissin Air 1 Commander for Fujifilm Cameras.

This update will allow the above products to achieve HSS on those Fujifilm Cameras which support this feature. By updating the Air 1 Commander to the latest firmware, the photographer can also achieve HSS with the flash off camera in the case of the Di700A and the i60A.

Customers who have already purchased Nissin Fujifilm flash version products, in the USA, may send their equipment to New England Imaging Distribution, the official USA importer for Nissin products, to have the upgrade performed free of charge. This free upgrade is only available on USA imported product purchased through an authorized USA Nissin dealer. Return shipping is only within the USA.

The link below has a form which can be filled out and sent in with the flash to be updated. Simply complete the form and request Fujifilm HSS firmware update in the “Other Issues” section of the form.

For further information please contact

via Nissin USA facebook