Next Rumor: the X20 is coming


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Fujifilm is ready to launch the X20! The X10 is a little great camera. Fujirumors yet reported that this camera won the StuffUK Award. Now it’s time also for this one to retire, and the replacement is ready to hit the market. I don’t have any informations about the specs right now. But I’ll follow the hint.

  • Sav

    Oh you tease, c’mon, spill the beans!

  • FMJ

    hate post like this, but love your site, LOL

    1″ sensor do-able?

  • Carl

    So… No firm evidence of an X-20 then. But why let that get in the way of a good headline?

  • K!

    Would it be too much to hope that Fuji can finally produce a X series camera that actually works out of the box and does not have some minor bug or issue like bloomimg, SAB, no software support, etc.

  • cylergunn

    My X20 wishlist:

    24-70mm, 1.4-2.0 lens
    1″ or > EXR or X-Trans sensor
    Retain manual zoom
    921k LCD
    Same or better OVF ~ focus points & parallax correction?!
    Equiv build, but weather sealed
    WiFi for upload & remote screen/control
    $699-$749 USD price tag or better

    • Ryan

      I dont for see a 1inch sensor being used, but hopefully a 2/3 14mp x-trans sensor will be used.

      I would LOVE a Shutter speed dial vs the mode dial. I would change the mode…maybe once….a month, if that.

      24mm wide angle would be VERY welcome. I would prefer 24-100mm F1.8-F2.2
      24-70 lenses are nice, but very limiting.
      Yes….keep the manual zoom.
      Atleast a 921k lcd
      Focus points in the OVF would be GREAT!
      WIFI would be extremely nice.
      Weather sealed?….hell yes!
      Better/higher cap battery. 350 shots per charge min.

      I would pay $750 for it if, the Lens is very sharp throughout the FL, If the focusing is on par with….atleast…the XZ-2/G15.

      If a 1inch EXR/x-Trans sensor is used. I would want 16MP and a 24-100 F2-2.8
      I dont mind if the camera gets a tad bit larger…..just not to big.

  • Allen

    Just make it smaller, at least LX7 size – not bigger

  • Just put a bigger sensor in it. How about the 20mp 1″-sensor? But with the ability to downsize to 10mp and get extreme dynamic range at base iso??!! Yes please. I NEED MORE DYNAMIC RANGE!

  • Martin

    From 24mm 1.8 or 2.0 and a bigger sensor is all I need.
    Weather sealed is always welcome

  • Sav

    I don’t think people realise what it takes to get the lens to 24mm when it comes to size. If we get a 24mm equivalent the lens will certainly be not as fast as the X10s is and will be substantially bigger.

    What my ideal X20 would have:

    > A proper Shutter dial – get rid of the bloody scene buttons and all the assortment of scenes. It is my biggest annoyance with the X10. There is a myriad of useless scene modes that I never ever used, EXR only makes it worse as you can have all sorts of priorities.

    > A good, 1″ X-trans sensor, or even a normal one, I don’t care. To get the best out of EXR I have to run the camera at 6MP. I didn’t really pay £400 for 6MP. Give it 12MP and we are good to go.

    > A 28 to 90 f2.0 to f2.8 equivalent lens. That’s all you need, it is realistic and will keep the lens size down even if the sensor is 1″. I would go as far as to say 35 to 90 to keep price down, but that would probably be too much.

    > You have an OVF, bloody show some info in it. A center point with parallax markings will do, a bottom (LED?) strip with shutter and aperture values would be perfect. The camera’s focus is spot on anyway, just give some basic info. Otherwise, the zooming viewfinder is ace.

    > No need to change anything on the LCD screen. Most people will buy this for the viewfinder. Even the ones not using it now will use it more if it actually is more usable with some basic information projected. Another cost saver so that we get in what really matters, a good OVF, a fast lens and a big sensor.

    > Price it realistically. The X10 was £525 when it was released, now it is £270. Wtf? Just price it according to its capabilities. £550 was a full £200 more than what a Nikon D3100 cost at the time, you have to be pulling my leg. I can understand the limited appeal of the X series, but bloody hell…

    If only I had all of the above in a package maximum the X100’s size, I would be the happiest man on earth.

    That said, Fuji tends to think briliantly and execute in a flawed way, so I am not very hopeful to be honest.


  • Will

    make like x100 with interchangeable lens and price well….done .

  • Paul

    I thought I read somewhere that a Fuji representative said that all future X-Series cameras would use the X-Trans sensor (I can’t find the source).

    I think any future annoucements will be made on January 7th at their press conference CES. It should be interesting

    • admin

      Hi! May I ask where you got the January 7th announcement date? Thanks!

  • Streetshooter

    Not a funny post at all. With all the issues about the X10, just what we need is a jokester…..

    • patrick

      sry, but I had to remove that no so polite last part of your comment.

    • Paul

      The January 7th date was based on this article ( on another website where it’s mentioned invitations have been received.

      • admin


  • Dbm

    The main change I would like is instead of the OVF an EVF or hybrid a la X100 so we can see the focus point and settings. Longer telephoto and better battery life too.

  • Tim

    I just bought the X10. What I’d like to see in the X20 is:

    1,000MP full-frame sensor with full resolution at all settings.

    An f1.0 – f1.4 lens

    12mm fish-eye to 1,000mm zoom

    Full-frame, full coverage OVF with head-up display and lazer night vision so I can take pictures in complete darkness without flash and no one can see me

    An invisibility cloak for better, more discrete street photography

    A helicopter built in so I can get places quicker

    Coffee dispenser

    It must all fit in my pocket and cost less than $600

    I have a serious point here… People, get real with your wish lists. If you want all the things you list, buy a camera which has them. I’m pretty sure Fuji are incorporating the best technology they have (orbs aside, now fixed) and there are still the unfortunate limitations of optical and electrical physics. You know what makes aircraft fly? Money. If you want a better camera, be prepared to spend a lot more than $600 for a camera or tool up and build your own to your own demanding specifications.

    These rumours and people’s desire to tell the world what they think manufacturers should do is quite bizarre to read.

    The X10 is a compact camera. Apart from the finish and design, it’s not vastly different from many other compacts. I’ve been playing with mine, even tried it on paid assignment for some shots that weren’t critical, and while I’m impressed, and while I think it’s a better camera than the G11 which I also own, it’s still a compact with all the limitations of a compact. It can produce good results, but it’s not a DSLR. Stop wishing it was and just accept it for what it is, a very lovely camera which in the right conditions will give you a lovely shot without back ache.

    I’m sure there will be some good tweaks in any future incarnation, but don’t expect it to rival the X100, Leica M9, 5D MKIII (or even the MKI!)

    Thank you, good night.


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