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New X-entry level camera announced in July?


According to digicame-info Fuji will launch a new interchangeable lens camera for ¥ 70.000 yen ($700-€540) in the next months. This X-mount entry level camera should be announced in July and shipped in autumn. [FR already told you that the 27mm pancake lens could be released in June. And, as Tim said in the comments “this lens would be great with a compact X body, no viewfinder, just the sensor a touch screen and a few buttons.” Could this be the camera Tim imagined?]

Now, how would you like this entry-level camera to be? Could you go without a viewfinder? Share your ideas and wishes and create your perfect X-entry-level camera in the comments.

I’ll check this rumor with my trusted sources, so stay tuned on Fujirumors, I’ll do a bit of extra work for you this weekend ;)


via mirrorlessrumors via digicame-info