New rumors about the second X-camera: X-E2 and … X70?

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 At the moment the X100S is in stock at Pictureline and ebayUS. Also AmazonUS  has it via third party, but you have to pay more. It’s out of stock at BHphoto and Adorama

As you know, the trusted Japanese source confirmed the launch of the X-E2 in October (the precise date should be October 18). But what about the second camera that should be announced too (according to a new source)?

Well, it’s still a mystery… but I’ve received the first rumors from an anonymous source about it. It’s still unconfirmed, but I thought you should know what I know. Here we go:

The anonymous source told me that the second camera would be a cheaper and smaller X100S without viewfinder, smaller body and 23mm f/2.8 lens. The name could be X70.

But, you know it, it’s still unconfirmed, so take it with a grain of salt.

That’s it for now! But I’m sure that October will be a hot rumor month. I’ll use every short break I have at work to keep you posted on the latest rumors (as I’m doing now ;))

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  • MdB

    Sort of makes sense, a GR / CPA competitor. Smaller X100 with f2.8 is something I can definitely get in to.

    • ci-lee

      certainly does sound like a GR/CPA competitor…and if so I’ll bite! was considering getting the GR as a companion for my X-collection (XP1 & X20) but never was sold on the 28mm equiv focal length and didnt want to spend the $$ on the X100s so this could be perfect!

      I also don’t get the negative comments about this potential model…I think Fuji’s product deployment strategy is well thought out and other camera manufacturers should take note. I’m no expert but I have managed product & branding strategy for a small CE company (US $40 million/annual) and if I were a specialty photo dealer, Fuji would be a brand I would have as a foundation for my offerings…tells the right story, offers exclusive & mass appeal and product cycles are timed well and allow for predictable price drops, unlike m43 products which get whored out the minute a new model is rumored…

      lastly, +1 on the XP-successor (weather sealed??)! then I would have two CSC bodies, a super compact APS-C fixed compact (X70) and a versatile travel/girlfriend cam in the X20…keep up the great work Fuji!

  • Fujimoto

    Hmmm…not sure what to think.

  • Dymka

    This is a bit worrying to me… So many new products which are not targeted on enthusiasts.
    I just hope that their marketing crew didn’t took over the steering control completely.

    • MdB

      Because the Ricoh GR isn’t enthusiast oriented?

      • Dymka

        Didn’t quite get why Ricoh GR is related to my comment, but IMHO, looking at its controls – it’s not for enthusiasts.

    • Renato S.

      Why?? I don’t get why there are always comments like that here on FR.

      As long as Fuji doesn’t stop doing things right when it comes to cameras above $1000 – because it feels like that’s the problem – what’s the problem in having more options? Brand depreciation, no more exclusive teen club, it will get pop, what?

      And how could a prodcut like that not being aimed at enthusiats? Will the average consumer look for a fixed lens prime? Ricoh GR and Nikon Coolpix A don’t have EVF/OVF or no VF for what’s matter and they are basically exclusive to enthusiats.

      • Dymka

        Hi Renato,

        I maybe putting a different meaning into enthusiasts and may well be wrong with it.
        What I meant is that Fuji now is putting more and more visible efforts into mass-market cameras.
        I have nothing against it, I just really want that the priority which was outlined in X-series cameras (comfort of having a full control of camera, image quality, and design lines which are shared by X100(s)/X-Pro1/X-E1) stay the same as it was last year.
        For a company mass market cameras might be a reasonable way to go, but that’s not what Fuji gained so much love for recently.
        It’s not about exclusivity, it’s about what’s important for me.

  • gorgon Empire


  • wisdom Woz

    Fuji is crapping over the premium X-line with all these cut down cameras. Wise up FujiFilm.

    • patrick

      keep in mind that this comes from an anonymous source, so everything has to be checked now. The only sure thing until now is that the X-E2 will come October 18… that’s a welcome update of the premium X-line.

      • MV

        Agreed with you Patrick on the X-E2, but I also agree with Woz that – if correct – having a ton of cameras in the X-line isn’t good news for Fuji.

        Why? Because diluting the marketplace with all these cameras is going to confuse people. ‘Which camera do I need? Why should I get A when B is only C much more and it’s got a better D?’ etc.

        Product marketing starts with which products you release. Less is more and people need choices simplified.

        Fuji should be looking at Apple for marketing inspiration. Only after six years of iPhones did Apple finally segment that product into two (5c and 5s). Instead Fuji seems to be doing a Nokia.

        (PS Longtime X100 and now X100S user here. I’m not trolling Fuji; very happy with them otherwise.)

        • Renato S.

          Fuji has moved their investment from P&S into X-series, do you prefer that they keep only a line up of XPRO, XE, X100 – basically – and don’t actually use the money they have or that they expand the X-series?

          I’d rather prefer that they expand the X-series and it’s not confusing, people buy Canikon and they have tons of cameras. There is also another positive for Fuji, working on more enthusiasts cameras makes Fuji able to pay less per unit, which indirectly helps the X-system as a whole. Plus, the X-brand becomes known and as long as they keep the quality, it will be sinonimous of quality photography, what does that mean? That just like people buy Canikon because they thing they are good, people will do the same, the difference is that Fuji has the Kaizen philosophy and once people get to know it and they can appreciate it, they will stay with Fuji.

          I kind of understand where you are coming from but at the same time, Fuji is not Apple. I understand how Apple does things and how it works but I don’t think that it applies to Fuji, not at this moment. Cameras are not smartphones or tablets that a lot of people buy every year, cameras are cameras. I know that Apple’s model is not actually Apple’s – since it’s applied by a lot of brands in different segments – but in camera land I don’t think that keeping themselves as a niche camera is the better way.

          They have this money to invest from P&S and they better off going to X-series rather than not – or do you prefer Fuji trying to create their own smartphones and tablet?

      • wisdom Woz

        Where is the X-Pro2 update?!? huh?

        • wisdom Woz

          @ MV — pretty much my thinking as well

        • patrick

          I think we’ll have to wait 2014

        • I feel that it will be released alongside XF56/1.2.

  • Marc Gander

    I wish someone would sketch out a diagram of all of these cameras and where they all fit and relate to each other – because I have lost the plot.

  • me

    I wish someone would create such a page for the Fuji X:

    • Colin

      You do it! ;)

  • Fuji X-Fan

    Fuji is probably (we are discussing a rumor here) releasing a ‘compact’ fixed lens to compete more directly to the trouser-pocket friendly Ricoh GR and Coolpix A, I don’t think this is stupid, as long as it has something else than the X100s to offer, be it cheaper, smaller and maybe a wider adapter. We will see…

  • asprine

    I wonder what the time to market will be.
    Hope we can get them before christmas.

    • patrick

      I think the X-E2/X-E1S will come in time for the X-mas :)

  • Wen

    I’d prefer 1″ sensor with evf for the same size. Ricoh GR is already pretty good, unless the X70 brings something new it’s hard to get excited about it.

  • Fujimoto

    Hopefully, it will be offered as a bundle with a prime of your choice.

  • Mike

    Would be interesting to know what sensor it uses: X-Trans or Bayer?

    I’d love to buy the Ricoh GR for an always-with-me-camera, but I’m not much of a fan of 28mm FOV, I’d rather take a 35mm. If this X70 is supposed to be a fixed brother to the X-A1 with Bayer sensor, swivel screen, smaller and lighter than the X100, faster focusing then my X-E1 and priced somewhere between $600-800, I’ll bite ;-)

  • SmartAlec

    Who cares about the X-E2, we want the X-Pro2 already! c’mon Fuji, stop dicking around and release the Pro2, pretty please..

  • Fujimoto

    I hope they are able to upgrade the next versions enough to put some distance between the XE2/S and XP2.

  • ewm19

    I hope is 1″ sensor with ovf.

  • Don Pope

    An X100 with just an EVF would be great, but no viewfinder at all, no way.

  • Paul

    no viewfinder: the horror, the horror…

  • Sam

    I think that Fuji at least offering a different focal length would be nice. However, a camera with a sensor larger than 1″ and smaller than APS-C with a 28-70 equivalent lens, full manual controls, and an evf would be a better product.

  • I have been an avid X-Pro1 user for quite some time and I too would like to see an X-Pro2 but with how little difference there was between the X-Pro1 and the X-E1 I’m actually glad that Fuji is taking so long to replace my X-Pro1. If they want to keep it as a “pro” body then they will take longer to develop the new body and add features that set it apart from it’s little brother(X-E1S/X-E2). It’s like any other pro or semi-pro body from any other company; it’s not something they replace every year. Again, personally I would much rather wait for the replacement to get finished on their time frame in hopes that it different enough as far as features go to make it worth while.

  • Guillaume

    I’d have much preferred Fuji to release a well-timed X-Pro2 rather than muddling the X product line even more with yet another watered-down version of a successful camera. To me viewfinders (especially optical) were originally the most distinctive and decisive feature in X cameras – apparently, Fuji don’t see it that way.

    X-E2 is cool news, but I have a hard time figuring out the logic in the X cameras release pace. Shouldn’t the X-Pro2 have come out way before the X-E2 based on their original order of appearance ?

  • Andy

    I just figured out how to get a performance upgrade on my XE-1, use the 35 1.4 lens! I rented it and just popped it on for some test pictures, having only used the 18-55 to trial the body, and the lens focus is noisy, but the refresh rate in the LCD/EVF is fast, and the focus speed feels faster. Bright glass FTW. I am sold on the appeal of the small and light primes!

  • Fujimoto

    If Sony can fit a FF sensor into the RX line, surely Fuji can fit it into a camera the size of the X-Pro1 or X100. Granted, it may not interest everybody, but I’m sure there a people out there that would be very interested in such a beast.

    • Happ Sam

      Why complicate the lens lineup, when the current sensor is competing well with full frame anyway.

    • Robert

      I agree that it should be possible technically, but the interesting question is if it makes sense from a marketing point of view. The RX1 has fairly compact optics despite being FF, but as soon as you want an FF ILC with fairly fast (tele)zooms the weight and size of the system will grow beyond easily portable if you want high quality optics. Just look at Nikon/Canon 24-70/2.8 or 70-200/4. Even the XF 55-200 is fairly heavy despite being an APS-C lens, while the rest of the XF lenses are light and fairly compact (likely with exception for the coming 10-24). I doubt that high quality FF glass would balance well on an X-Pro/X-E like body, and if you add the weight and bulk of an extended handgrip you would probably come near the weight and size of an FF DSLR, which IMHO would remove the point of using an MILC (and then I have not even taken into account that you currenty lose AF/VF performance when selecting an MILC instead of a DSLR).

  • TMP

    I would really like to see an update of the classic Fuji s5….I know it’s a pipe dream, but that was a beautiful camera. I do love my x-e1, but still rely on my Nikon D800 for weddings

  • Doug

    I don’t care if its OVF or EVF, but why do they keep getting rid of the viewfinder. I refuse to use a camera that doesn’t have one.

    • Paul

      Agree 100%

    • rr98

      The reason is simple; the product is target to people who is looking for entry level X series camera. People like you probably looking for mid-range or better camera.

  • I think what fuji is doing is a good thing. They are filling gaps in the market by offering products that appeal to everyone so that they can increase there market presence, make more profit and invest in future products like the xpro2 etc. I think we just need to be patient.

  • Happ Sam

    X-M1 and X-A1 made sense because they supported the line of lenses.

    Not sure what the X70 means. I guess if there is a market, then sell to it, but such a big line up.

  • Daniel C.


    Guys, be patient.

    I bought the X-P1 in April 2012 and was one of the very early owners. Now we have september 2013, so just one and a half years later. It is too early for a XP1 successor. That there will be a XE1 successor already is kind crazy, but ok. I appreciate that this time there will be a slightly updated XE1 and sometime later a hopefully bigger upgrade for the top range model.
    I am still very happy with the XP1 and would for sure not buy a new model now, I still have to work for the money I spend and therefore try to do this in a reasonable way ;)

    Regarding the smaller x100 sibling, why not. That’s for many people a nice offer.

    The only thing which is really anoying for me, is the fact that it takes so long to bring out the most important lens for the X-system: The 1.4 23mm, yes that is something to really argue about. I really hope the waiting will be soon over.


  • Mark L

    Most camera manufacturers have a plethora of options in their lineup, I see that as normal. Why complain about being spoilt for choice? They’re not replacing the big guns, they’re augmenting them for folks who may not want or need an X100S or X-E1. It’s more a matter of identifying what YOU want/need or afford and proceeding accordingly. Dont like the fact it doesnt have a viewfinder? Me neither. So dont buy it. And, painful as it may be to admit, Fuji is still the smartest guy in this particular room. And maybe some other rooms as well. Cheers

  • Sylvain

    I wish Fuji could produce a mix of X100s and X20.
    A X20 with am Apsc sensor size and a zoom (24-120 f2). A nice portable all around camera capable with great picture quality with a 100% viewfinder coverage.
    Would be great no to have change lenses and have dust to stick to the sensor.Would be great to bring only one camera when travelling..a camera which could produce pictures of excellent qualities without having all the weakness of a traditional dslr (weight, place taken in the bag).

    • me

      Sadly, 24-120 f2 for an APS-C sensor size would not be compact by

      • me

        Oups, error !
        I meant, 24-120 f2 would not be compact by any mean…
        Check the size of the m4/3 Panasonic 35-100 f2.8.

        Smaller sensor than APS-C, smaller aperture, less range, but already 360 grams, 100mm long and 1000€.

        That’s sad because you just described the camera of my dreams ;)

  • Been using the Xpro 1 since the start now and love it and have all the lenses so far.
    Be patient about the xpro 2, you want a really special sensor don’t you, faster focus. The dynamic range of a raw file in a jpeg image….
    sounds nice to me.

  • Jay

    You don’t need a trusted Japanese contact to confirm the launch date of X-E1. I can happily confirm that it already happened.

    • patrick

      d’oh! I’ve corrected the typo now. Thanks

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