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New lens reviews and X PRO 1 versus Nikon D700 travel photography comparison.


The video on top shows a X PRO 1 versus Nikon D700 travel photography comparison made by Kai from Digitalrev

Photozone published the 35mm f/1.4 X lens test: “Technically it may not be a perfect lens but it is capable of delivering very nice results. The center quality is breathtaking even at max. aperture whereas the outer image field is a bit soft here. From a real world perspective this is surely acceptable because you are rarely really after edge-to-edge sharpness when shooting at f/1.4.

SLRgear tested another FUji lens, the 60mm macro: “exceptional performance, even when used wide open. If you’re an X-Pro 1 user with an interest in macro photography, there really aren’t a lot of choices, so this is a must-buy.