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New Fujifilm factory in the Philippines: 18 million lenses a year by FY2015


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Fujifilm just announced at their global website here that because of the “increasing demand for high-performance lenses” they now started the operation of a new optical lens factory in the Philippines. The goal: “the production to 18 million lenses a year by FY2015, […] The total investment for the new factory is 2.3 billion yen.”

After the [shoplink 13828]X-M1[/shoplink] and the XC 16-50 / [shoplink 13829]XF 27mm[/shoplink] (produced in Thailand and China) Fuji now expands also in the Philippines. It seems that Fujifilm products will be less and little “made in Japan”. But I hope that now the company won’t annoy customers with long waiting times anymore (a lot people are still waiting for the [shoplink 12883]X100S[/shoplink] and [shoplink 12892]XF 55-200[/shoplink]!). Bad news for aficionados to the “made in Japan”, but good news for all those who switched to the X (or plan to switch) and do not want to wait eternally for new cameras or lenses.

btw, is there a lens that is not on the roadmap but you’d like Fuji to produce in this factory? Here are some suggestions from the “old” poll


Should the lens be faster (and therefore bigger) than the current F2?

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