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Neewer 35mm f/1.2 Lens for Fujifilm X Mount Available for $119



The Chinese lens manufacturers are stepping on the gas in the last few years, and releasing lots of lenses for various mirrorless systems, including Fujifilm X.

Meike is one of them, and they released several lenses under various names (Kaxinda/Opteka/Voking/Mcoplus) and very likely also Neewer, which is the lens we are going to present today.

In fact, you can now find the Neewer 35mm f/1.2 lens for a cheap price only at AmazonUS here.

There is also a first comment (with samples) in the comments to the AmazonUS Neewer 35mm f/1.2 page.

Thanks to Chris – 500px for passing me this news.


The Neewer 35mm f/1.2 is the most affordable native X-mount 35mmF1.2 option for Fujifilm. Other Fujifilm X Mount 35/1.2 lens options are:

To see all Fujfiilm X Mount lenses that Meike offers (as well as accessories) check out the Meike Fujifilm X mount page at AmazonUS. You will find the:

Regarding the Opteka branded Meike lenses, we already reported here about the:

The full list of native Fujifilm X mount lenses can be found at complete Fujifilm X mount lenses overview at our forum.